Sunday, May 16, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

We've had a wonderful anniversary weekend...

Friday we grabbed some pizza and then went to the theater and saw Robin Hood. Back home, Philip surprised me with cupcakes from our wedding cake's bakery in the same flavor as our top velvet.

Saturday we hung around the house...I dyed my hair black {I missed a few spots, dang it.} Then we went to the Sun Dial, a restaurant above the Westin in downtown Atlanta that is 72 stories high, 360 degrees and rotates so you get a full view of the city from the floor-to-ceiling windows. We had a carpaccio appetizer, I had the lobster tail and he had trout, it was all so delicious.

My gift...

Philip designed this right-hand ring like he did my engagement ring. Its eight diamonds in the circle are from his mother's wedding band and the stone in the middle is from his great grandmother's engagement ring. I was beyond surprised and beyond floored when I saw this...I definitely teared up. So special. I love it.

I gave him a heartfelt card with a small gift {in comparison to his anyway!} when we got home in bed.

Today we ate at our favorite breakfast spot and did a little clothes and grocery shopping. Just a simple, pleasant day.

1 year ago today we were saying "I do" and enjoying an entire night with our family and friends. This year and this day we are on our own and simply enjoying each other - perfect.