Saturday, March 13, 2010

My New Friend Sony

In high school, I was extremely into photography. I took courses at a local arts school and did well with my Nikon D65 {old school model}. After a big, tragic event in my life {a death}, my interests slowly changed over the next few years {college} as I tried to cope and find myself again. Photography and I grew apart, although my love and appreciation for it always remained.

I have finally found that strong desire to involve myself in this hobby yet again. I'm not a professional by any means, but I definitely wanted an upgrade from my little Sony Exilim point-and-shoot.

I've been saving my pennies and researching starter DSLR cameras for 2 months now.

I just made my purchase on Amazon:
A Sony A330Y which comes with the standard 18-55mm lens, but also includes the 55-200mm zoom lens. I knew I'd want a zoom lens in the future anyway and I saved significant money by buying the bundle.

Why did I choose this make and model?

2 big reasons stood out to me:

1) Image Stabalization is BUILT IN the camera body and unnecessary within the attachment lenses.
What does this mean? For the future, if I want to buy more lenses, they will cost significantly less in comparison to Canon or Nikon lenses {the 2 other brands I considered} since this expensive, required feature is not figured in the price.

2) Probably the even more important reason I went with A) a Sony and B) this particular model instead of the A230 {less expensive} is because it's the ONLY camera in its level {compared to all Canon & Nikon models and Sony's A230} that has live image view - you know, the thing we're all so used to using with our simply shows you the image you're taking on the LCD screen so you don't always have to look through the view finder. Sounds basic, right? Well, it's not the norm with this level of DSLRs so this played a big factor into my decision.

Also, a side feature that I really liked is this:

Yep, the screen pops out so you can see what you're shooting without having to crouch to the floor or get into an awkward position to get a great shot. Pretty cool extra I think I'll have fun using and trying out. {It comes out and bends much further than the image above shows.}

I'm so excited for the mailman to come with my big present to myself! Not going out for lunch all the time at work or going shopping for clothes has been worth it. I'm proud of myself for being so diligent. I hope you notice an improvement in picture quality on this blog of mine once I get up and running with this baby!

Images from here.


Hilary Lane said...

That's great!!! I want a DSLR so bad!

LauraAnn said...

Oh I am so jealous! I would LOVE to get a DSLR camera.

Congrats on the new camera! You will definitely have to post some of your work! :-)