Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Michael Bublé Concert

This past Sunday night, Philip and I went to the Michael Bublé concert with two other couples.

I know he is a singer that some people either looove or don't really care for, but we are all the former!
We all own his DVDs and watch them while getting tipsy on wine at each other's houses. He is such a fabulous performer and I could listen to his music forever. We're all a tad obsessed ::blush::. When tickets went on sale, we jumped on the chance to get them - they were sold out 2 hours later!

We started the night with a hibachi dinner that was delish.

Then onto the show!

See him on the bottom there? And this shot is from floor seats! They were not as close as we thought they were going to be, but we said "oh well" and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves once he took the stage.

He came off the stage to the middle of the floor in the middle of the show and sang from the sound/video platform. This is when he performed "Home". Everyone stormed over to him, leaving their seats since he was much closer now. P and I did the same and he propped me up on an empty chair. I towered over everyone and got a few shots of him closer up. This is him leaving to go back up to the main stage.

This is what the stage looked like when he came out for his 3 song encore - confetti everywhere!

The concert was so amazing - MB is the best performer I've seen live. It was like being in one of the DVDs we've all watched so many times! He's so personable and actually very, very funny. It was enjoyable on so many levels. He sang way more songs than I've heard at any other concert. We really got our money's worth and had a fabulous night.


TwinsanityMom said...

I'm jealous!! Looks like you all had fun, and thanks for the pictures. :)


My honey and I went to see Buble two years ago at the FOX. I agree - he's a great performer - and when he gets to talking, he's super funny!

Lyndsy said...

I heart Michael as well! He was so funny on SNL with Jon Hamm! What a fun concert! I love confetti!