Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DSLR Overload

This past Saturday, P and I had to visit 3 stores before finding the right SD card needed for my new Sony DSLR. I picked up a carrying case along the way and finally had a field day with my new toy. I took over 100 photos in one day! To me, that's impressive since we didn't even doing anything special and there wasn't an event going on.

Here's our Saturday afternoon...

We started the afternoon with a trip to Smoothie King - this is my 1st shot ever on the new camera. {Shadow isn't great, but hey, I had to show the 1st!}

Then we went home to let the dogs play outside in the yard since it was such a pretty, sunny day.

Our pups are smothered {literally} with love. Look at that face..."I love you, but...can't breathe!"

My little adventurer - doesn't he look straight out of some African jungle special on the Travel channel? He's so stealth.

Then we waited in the car for Daddy after driving to this store so he could return something...

The photographer!

When we ran to Sam's Club to stock up on the BIG bag of dog food, Kobi decided to wait in the front seat to get a better look at the hustle and bustle of the parking lot.

Since he was already in the front driver's seat, he decided to drive us to dinner...

Not before checking on me to make sure I was wearing my seat belt, though.

We arrived at one of the best known BBQ spots in the 'burbs of Atlanta: Williamson Bros. BBQ - they're legit.

True southern style.

This is what we saw when we walked in. PORK. {Apologies if you're a vegetarian :/ }

Can't you just smell it?! Mmmm.

Since it was just 3 minutes down the road from the restaurant and it was still light outside {LOVE "spring forward"}, we stopped at the Marietta Square where there are small shops, restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, etc. all assembled guessed it, a square. It's a nice area where you can walk dogs and rest on benches in the center of the Square where the fountain and gazebo are.

Tyson loves hopping up on the bench with us to get off his feet.

All 3 of my boys looking at me at the same time...this is definitely a rarity!

Hope your Saturday was as laid back and fun as mine! And also that you like the quality improvement on the photos...let me know if you can tell!


Mrs. Bear said...

Oh my gosh I have never laughed so hard until I looked at the picture of your dog driving! HAHAHAHA Love it. =0)

LauraAnn said...

Your pictures look great! I am so jealous of your new camera! :-)

And I LOVE the picture of your dog driving. I was scrolling down and had to do a double take. And then of course I started laughing! Very cute!

Roman lesnar said...

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