Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our 1st Married Valentine's Day

P and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day for the first time as a married couple. It was so reflective of who we are and it was such a great day.

Saturday night we stayed up later than usual watching shows from the DVR. It was 1:30 am, technically Valentine's Day already, and he got to the bed first. As I finished up in the bathroom and walked out, I saw him laying in bed with my side's sheets half way down and a small jewelry box laying on the pillow.

Last year, P got me a heart-shaped necklace as well. I wonder if this is going to turn into a tradition? Hmmm :)

Then, after I gave him hugs and kisses for my pretty necklace and he put it on me, his hand popped up with another box. It looked exactly like this...

And this is what was inside...

P has had a Nexus One for a few weeks and it's amazing. I love my new phone! It's light-weight, SO fast, has a camera flash, etc. etc. etc. This iPhone nemesis won me over when I first saw it, not to mention our contract is literally HALF of what people pay for AT&T. Can you tell I'm super happy with my Valentine's Day presents?!

Although 1:45 in the morning at this point, I ran downstairs to fetch P's hidden gift. I threw it in a gift bag, no card, no tissue paper, and ran back up the stairs and jumped in bed. P appreciated my gift bag since he hadn't wrapped at all! {We're so lazy lol.}

P was happy to find a sweet, yet practical gift {just how he likes 'em} of a few boxer briefs from Express. He had one pair and raved about them saying how he wished all his underwear were from Express and compared having new ones to having new bed sheets. I tell you, it's not too hard to please this one, although those boxers are NOT cheap - makes me glad I can snag a nice pair of undies at Victoria's Secret for only $7, that's for sure!

And I suppose P does look pretty cute in his new boxer briefs, so it's a duel gift ;)

On Sunday, we ate brunch at our favorite spot, caught the Valentine's Day matinee, went home and just hung out for a few hours till we ate dinner at this new Japanese place we discovered that is delish. It was a day that just makes you breathe "ahhhh" with a big, big smile :)


Mrs. Bear said...

Yay for first Valentine's Days as newlyweds! We enjoyed ours too =0)

That necklace is so pretty! And what a good guy for getting you such an awesome phone too!!!

LauraAnn said...

What awesome Valentine's Day gifts! That phone looks like lots of fun.....as well as a possible addiction (at least I am pretty sure I could get addicted to a phone like that). lol

Glad you two had a great Valentine's Day!