Thursday, February 4, 2010

Handmade Birthday Cards

January is a very, very busy birthday month for me. Here are all the people I am close with who have birthdays in January:

11th & 18th: nephews
19th: mom
14th: 2 best friends {same day & year!}
28th & 29th: 2 close coworkers

Yeah. Seven. That's a lot!

Since I've gotten into digital scrapbooking, I decided to try to make some birthday cards out of the papers and elements I have on hand. I know this isn't true card-making, but for my purposes, it worked out well. I made 3 unique cards with my scrapbook materials, printed high-quality on cardstock and then cut the image out accordingly once on the paper.

My first card {and ironically my favorite} made for my best friend, Jess.

On the back of all the cards, I stamped them with this "handmade with love" stamp I got at Michael's a long while ago. I never thought I'd get crafty enough to use it! I'm glad I didn't return it :)

This one was for my mom - in the top right corner, the image says "January 2010".

This one was for my coworker who turned 27. I didn't fold this card once printed and simply wrote my happy birthday message to him on the light blue space.

I haven't perfected making the cards; it's been difficult matching sizes to printing and my computer running slowly with such large files, etc. But I've liked making them knowing they're more personalized and thoughtful than just picking one up at the store again. {Even though I do love browsing through them sometimes!}

Now just one birthday this month, 2 in March, 1 in April and then home free all summer!

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Alissa said...

Wow you can say that again no wonder we haven't seen much of you lately. Hope you have a great Valentines weekend.