Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Achilles Princeton

I know, I'm horribly horribly wretched for taking such a hiatus...what can I say? Babysitting wore me out so bad I needed over a 2 week break? ::Sigh:: No is my new baby nephew!

At 8 lbs. and 21", Achilles beat both his brothers in size at birth!

He loved being swaddled and cried whenever he was unwrapped!

Eldest brother, Nate, beaming!

Middle brother, Troy, not the youngest anymore...not sure if he's grasped on to that yet lol.

My sweet husband holding this few hour old baby in his lap...puts in perspective just how little they really are. "Hi little guy."

"That's the baby."

Happy Mommy :) {Glad to not be pregnant anymore! Hehe}

And finally, ME, Aunt Kiki with her 3 fabulous boys.

I hadn't held a little baby in so long, much less a newborn, it was so nice and he was simply so small!

Unfortunately, Achilles developed jaundice that held him and parents in the hospital for much longer than anticipated. He spent a lot of time sunbathing under that lamp and after a few days finally got his levels down more normal. We went back to visit one more time in the hospital to give Achilles his birthday present: a pack of absolutely adorable onesies that, truthfully, P and I almost kept for ourselves for our unborn, unknown sex, baby!

Do not let your hopes get too high. No, we do not have "baby fever" {especially after babysitting a 3 & 5 year old all week! lol} We actually talked about this topic recently and feel that in roughly 2 years, end of 2011-ish, we'll start "trying"...maybe. Haha. Ahh, I'm scared! I tell myself in 2 years I won't be though and I am banking on that.


LauraAnn said...

Awe! Your new nephew is so precious!

PS- I really like your husband's watch.....random comment, I know! lol

Tina♥ said...

It makes me sick (in the most loving way) to think about how (insert profanity here) adorably beautiful you & your husbands babies are going to be. hahahhah and how cute are your nephews!! Good genes. good genes.

Ps how much longer do i have to wait till we see Kiana baby bump blogging?