Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nephew on the Way = Babysitting

My sister-in-law is very, very pregnant.

Her due date is January 18th - less than a week now! She has a planned c-section since she's not able to deliver naturally due to problems the doctors discovered during her 1st birth. This will be her 3rd boy!

So who will be watching the other 2 little ones while their mommy is in the hospital for 3-4 days?

Yep, Aunt Kiki and Uncle Phil.
{Yes, "Kiki" is my actual nickname that adults use as well. "Kiks" for even shorter.}

I'd say this is going to be as close as we'll ever get to having a true "test-run" for having children. Nate is 5 as of yesterday and Troy is 3.

Philip and I haven't discussed them coming to stay with us. I'm not sure what there is to discuss, but there must be something. I've been getting a little direction from my sister-in-law and asked her to leave us with some notes. I've told him to remember these things as well, but that's it.

These aren't our children, so, we'll {for the most part} have to discipline and care for them the way his sister does. Does that leave any room for discussion about how this experience could relate to our family down the road...?

I wonder if the opportunity for us in this situation is opening up the door to conversation about how we'll raise our children - more of the nitty-gritty. We already know our timeline, how many we want, roughly how to reward, discipline and have fun. But I know there has to be more - what would you talk about? Maybe about who will be responsible for what {with our nephews and later with our own kids}? Any suggestions for us? And please, any advice on long-term babysitting? I haven't babysat in 10 years!

I think we're just going to wing it.

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Leesie said...

Your blog is adorable. I'm so glad I found it. I was scrolling around on it and I'm so glad I found the Healthy Fettucine recipe. This is one of my fave things to eat, but I always feel so guilty eating the whole fat kind. My sis-in-law is super pregnant too btw.

LauraAnn said...

Oh how fun!!!! Good luck watching your nephews and have fun!!!

My only advice- come up with activities that you can do together- play games, go to the zoo (if you have one close by and weather permitting), the park, etc. Plus, these types of activities allow kids to burn off excess energy (and if they are 3 and 5 it sounds like they will be full of energy). :-)

Have a great time!!!!

In this wonderful life... said...

I bet she is ready to have that baby!! You guys have fun babysitting! :)

Leesie said...

Congrats on the new baby in the family :) I can't wait to hear more about the labor/delivery and hopefully see som new baby pics.