Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Secret Santa Gifts

I have had PRESENTS on the brain lately! No, not receiving. Giving...does anyone else struggle every year to find different and creative gifts for their loved ones?

Before I can get to my family, I have TWO Secret Santa gifts to think about.

The 1st is for work, a $10 limit and the catch is the gift has to correspond with the recipient's name (ie Holly Smith = holiday scarf). I have the initials N.C. I think I have this one covered, but any new suggestions from you creative people out there would be amazing! We exchange on Thursday.

I'm going to get nerds candy and a nature calendar.

On to the next Secret Santa...this one is with friends, 4 couples, with a $20 limit. I drew a girl. There are no rules like the work SS, so anything goes. She's in the "One Who Has Everything" category, so I'm a little stumped since I don't know her super well yet (she's the newest to our group). I definitely want something great and maybe creative. I'd like to stay away from the impersonal bath gels and lotions and those types of presents. Any thoughts? Any great Secret Santa gifts you've given or received?

The only thing I've thought of is maybe a cool accessory for her iPhone...but I'm not an owner and don't know much about what's desired or not.

Any help would be amazing! What do you think?

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Hi, Lane said...

I have an iPhone and the accessories that I swear by are the rubber covers (Walmart has some for $10, Best Buy has some for $20) because the absorb shock if it's dropped. They also make screen films that I love. I've had one on it since the day I got it. Also $20 for 3 @ Best Buy. Good luck!