Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Décor

Starting out in a new home can get expensive fast to get the look and décor you want. Luckily, Philip and I were mostly set with everything we could want or need for the house after wedding gifts and since we had already been living together for two years.

Christmas decorations, on the other hand, is a different story!

We have some items, like our 7.5 ft. pre-lit tree we got in a Black Friday sale last year for a ridiculously low price! Also, I was given some hand-me-downs from my mom. It filled an apartment nicely. But now...in a house...there's a LOT more space!

I love our Christmas tree! ...but notice the teeny tree skirt with bears on it :/
It's definitely too little in proportion to the size of the tree and, well, bears aren't exactly my thing.

These stockings are from Philip's family. The one on the far right is our dog Tyson's. Technically, we should have four hanging, but the only others I found were not in great condition or had someone's name stitched on it.

We're making do with hand-me-down decorations to fill the house, like the tree skirt and stockings. But we do have some of our own that I've been collecting for the past few years that we love.

This is a hand-painted nativity set bought in Mexico City in the summer of 2008. I went shopping in the markets after my cousin's wedding and found this precious scene displayed. My family is very big on finding décor and artifacts from around the world and making them work in the modern style of our homes. This was the perfect addition for Philip and me during Christmas.

This adorable snowman set is now displayed as the centerpiece on our dining table. I love their tiny circles for mouths as if they are singing.

And because we both come from half Jewish backgrounds, we have our menorah that my parents gave us as the centerpiece on our kitchen table.

Does anyone know where to get really great tree skirts, stockings or Hanukkah decorations? I'm willing to hit some after-Christmas sales to prepare for next year and make our Christmas-decorated home more our own!


freaxs said...

you should have put: "after my adorable and handsome cousin!!!!!"
merry X mas, say hi to Philip!
miss you!

Hi, Lane said...

The menorah is gorgeous!! And if you have a Kohl's around, we found a super cute (and a nice size, too) tree skirt $50 on sale for $20 on Black Friday, but I'm sure they'll be running some good sales after Christmas, too. If you have an Old Time Pottery (not sure if it's a regional thing?), they had some cute ones too for $20-30!

Lyndsy said...

Your tree was beautiful! Nice work!