Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Wedding :: The Last Dance

It was finally midnight, the end of our reception. My hotel coordinator had just passed out bubbles to everyone. The DJ announced to gather around as Philip and I had our last dance.

The bubbles were fun and everyone got into them.

The song was ending and Philip unexpectedly and romantically started to dip me...

Sweet ending to the night.
{This is the other photo I mentioned that we are framing. Our friend who dabbles in photography took it. It's my favorite of the entire wedding.}

The wedding recaps are now over. I'm actually happy for this. I'm excited to start blogging about what is actually going on in my life now which I think a lot of readers will relate to having just married as well. For those of you still engaged and waiting to wed, I hope you enjoy the content and don't worry, there will be sprinkles of weddingness here and there. I'll also have a honeymoon recap or two before diving into newlywed life.

Is there anything you'd like me to blog about in particular or that you'd like to know? I'll cover it if you'd like me to :)


My Dream Ring said...

Love the dip picture! You guys look so happy!

Adrienne said...

Oh this pictures are so fun! I love the bubbles for your last dance - perfect! You two are so stinkin cute together! :)

LauraAnn said...

All those pictures are gorgeous especially that last one! I definitely agree that that last picture is a framer! I loved all of your wedding recaps. You had a beautiful wedding!!!

Lyndsy said...

Such fun pictures! You both look so happy and beautiful together! Congrats!