Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Wedding :: The Toasts

We had a very special dinner after our 1st dance. One of the ways we really personalized our wedding was by infusing family elements and background.

My great grandfather, Eduardo Hernández, was a famous Mexican composer. We played his first symphony, "Primera Sifonía", during dinner. While our guests listened to his interesting classical sounds they dined on a special family recipe of chilaquiles, a popular Mexican dish, that the Hernández family switched up and cook differently for special occasions.

As dinner came to a close, Adam, the Best Man gave his speech. It was priceless. He made us laugh, almost cry and made us feel the warmth of friends and family.

"Philip and I have been best friends since high school, and I’m glad that I get this once in a lifetime opportunity to tell some incriminating stories about him…..unfortunately, I can’t do so without incriminating myself and all of the groomsmen."

"Here is my challenge to you Phil and Kiana. Philip, put your own wants, desires and needs aside. Make the decision to treat Kiana as if she is more important than you, every day, all the time. And Kiana, put your own wants, desires and needs aside. Make the decision to treat Philip as if he is more important than you, every day, all the time. When that happens, you will no longer have to look after your own interests because your spouse will be doing it for you. We fall in love, the noun. But true love, lasting love, is a verb. It's something we do. And as a little added bonus, I’ve heard it said
'If you make love a verb, you’ll make more of it!'"

"There are two people that aren’t physically here with us today, but are certainly here with us in spirit."

"We miss them dearly, but we know they’re smiling down on us today and are as proud of Philip and Kiana as the rest of us are. So Kiana, welcome to OUR family, we are lucky to have you!"

I got a lump in my throat when he said "welcome to our family". Most of Philip's closest friends have all been together since they were 8 years old. They are a posse. Brothers. Family. To be truly accepted and welcomed into that family now that his parents were gone was beyond extraordinary to hear aloud.

The MOH, Jessica. We're so lucky to have hilarious friends.

A good view of what the reception looked like with the floor-to-ceiling windows exposing the gorgeous city lights.

My dad told us that the luckiest day of his life was the day he met my mother and to consider the day we met ours.


Halsey said...

Aww thats so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love this post, pics, and insightful commentary :)

From Marriage to Motherhood said...

The skyline view at night was AMAZING!!!! The toasts looked so endearing : )