Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Wedding :: The Cake

If you've been following for a while you know we got a great deal on our wedding cake by my good, non-engaged friend winning a $150 discount at a bridal show she accompanied me to. Cakes by Darcy turned out to be a lovely vendor. The cake was absolutely delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It turned out exactly how we envisioned it - super cute!

Cutting the cake was a more difficult task than we anticipated! We tried to make a smooth cut, but it just wasn't going through right. Laughing at ourselves ("Are we idiots? Are we doing this right?"), we continued to try until we finally cut through all the way down.

Mmm, kiss after that first chocolatey bite.

As we were fiddling with the cake, cutting, eating, laughing, the DJ played That's Amore by Dean Martin. It was light, fun and sweet.


Check out my amazing photographer's new site! Our wedding is featured a few times to showcase his work!


i Do {blog!} said...

love the cake! so pretty!

Good, non-engaged friend a.k.a. Lauren said...

Pretty sure I ate at least $150 worth of that cake, so I got my winnings after all. :-)

Raquel said...

I'm glad we weren't the only ones who couldn't cut the cake! I don't know if anyone noticed but after messing around awkwardly with the knife/cake for a good minute, our maitre'd finally grabbed the knife out of my hand, sliced the cake and looked at us we were the most pathetic people alive. I was mortified!

Halsey said...

I love your cake!

Jenn said...

Oh man! Was that as yummy as it looks?

Suzi said...

These pictures are very cute. I LOVE wedding cake. I really like how each layer has a different pattern on it