Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Wedding :: The 1st Dance

After our "Superman" entrance, we went straight into our 1st dance.

We chose to dance to Tony Bennett's "The Way You Look Tonight". We wanted something soft, beautiful, slow and romantic. Although it's one of the more cliche songs, it's one of my favorites and we loved our choice.

All eyes on us, we began...

Framer! This photo was featured in a local Atlanta luxury magazine called Jezebel. If you live in the area, it's the issue with Kim Kardashian on the cover.

Dancing in front of everyone was something I was definitely not used to, so I tried to just enjoy the song and not think about everyone staring at us! We kissed a lot and reveled in the moment.

Super in love :)



Tina <3 said...

omg that picture that was featured in the magazine is stunning. I adore it. You can see how much he loves you!!!! I would frame it too.

Halsey said...

So cute! I love those pictures.

Future Mrs. H said...

Oh my gosh that picture of him kissing your hand... I dieeeee.

LauraAnn said...

Oooooh! That third picture is DEFINITELY a framer! I love it!