Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Wedding :: Pre-Ceremony & 100th Post

On the limo ride back to the hotel after taking pictures at Piedmont Park, the mood was happy and I could tell my bridesmaids were trying to make every light and relaxing. Thus, came our rendition of 'Chapel of Love'. We could only remember the beginning: Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married; "repeat"; Gee I really love you and we're gonna get married; Going to the chapel of love".

"What other wedding songs are there?"

Rendition of 'Get Me to the Church on Time' from 'My Fair Lady' ensues from my parents and me...and then we were out of wedding songs. Can anyone else think of any?

The groomsmen and Philip's sister's escort down the aisle.

When we arrived at the hotel, we went to the room quickly for a bathroom break and also so the florist could fix our bouquets. (She didn't finish the ribbon on any of them - wasn't happy about that, moving on...)

We were then escorted by my hotel coordinator through a service elevator to the back of the room where the ceremony was being held. We then walked down a corridor till we hit the door that we'd be walking out of.

Then we waited.

My feet were actually already hurting (so much for those foot pads I bought!) I knelt down on the floor to give myself a break since I knew I had a long night ahead. Kneeling down made me feel more relaxed for the moment as well.

Suddenly, my wedding planner came through the door and said, "He's asking for you," nodding in my general direction.

Philip's sister who was kneeling next to me said, "Me?" puzzled. My planner confirmed it was her who he was asking for (yes, I felt the teeniest jolt of panic! lol who wouldn't?!)

Then we waited some more.

His sister came back and took her place next to me again. With emotion, "All I have to I love my brother. That's all I have to say."

I lost it.

All day I had been relaxed. Ready. And then, knowing the background of the entire situation - that both of his parents were gone, his dad having just passed away 3 weeks ago, her being the only 'close' family left and the emotion he must've been feeling at the moment...I lost it.

I didn't pry and ask what he said to her or why he needed her. She made a general statement that he just needed to know everything was okay and needed to hear it from her. I was content with that and I know it was their moment to have.

The uncontrollable emotion that surged through me just by hearing her say those simplistic words completely worried me. I was about to walk down the aisle and all I felt like doing was totally letting go, not caring about my makeup, lying down and crying like a baby. The emotion of the day, the past few weeks, the months of planning and engagement finally all came rushing to me in that instant.

My mom is truly a perfectionist because, while I thought I was going to be strong like iron and not shed any tears (I really was questioning whether I would - what an idiot) she knew to tell both my brother and my dad to stuff a few tissues in their jacket pockets. Luckily, some jokes incurred, I swallowed the frog in my throat and that insatiable urge to let it all go was overcome by "Pull it together and look beautiful so you can relish in the moment of walking down the aisle towards the love of your life!" And so I did...

P.S. 100th post! Woo! Congrats to my bloggity blog :)

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