Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Wedding :: Rehearsal Dinner & Drinks

The bridal party, everyone at the Rehearsal, went to a quaint tapas restaurant for dinner Friday night. It was nice to have this smaller group together before going out for drinks with all the out-of-towners.

When we started thinking about a Rehearsal Dinner, we became very overwhelmed. Over half of our guests were out-of-towners and we knew they'd all want to spend some extra time with us outside of the wedding. And unfortunately, we could not afford a traditional Rehearsal Dinner with that many people since we paid for the majority of the wedding already (it was going to be like another 1/3 of a wedding!) We decided to ask our bridal party to a casual dinner and then asked all the out-of-towners to meet us for drinks afterwards at one of our favorite spots in town.

My family and I before dinner, leaving the hotel.

My sister-in-law, me, MOH, bridesmaid, bridesmaid.

(No, the two on the end did not plan on wearing the same dress. One bought hers in Las Vegas, one bought hers in Ft. Lauderdale and they happened to both bring it to wear for Friday night. They both still wore it because they had nothing else packed! True story.)

MOH and Bride-to-be at the restaurant.

Bride with bridesmaids and our good friend walking Philip's sister down the aisle.

The about-to-be-married couple.


Future Mrs. H said...

LOVE YOUR DRESS!! I must know where you bought it!!

Krista said...

everyone looks so pretty and happy!! love it :)

Tina <3 said...

Love it!! I am checking daily for recaps!! hahah
The picture of you, bridesmaids, and sister in law...umm hello fabulous!!! You all look like models!!! <3

LauraAnn said...

Your dress is so cute!

Ashley said...

loooooove your rehearsal outfit!