Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Wedding :: Getting Ready

My bridesmaids and I had a sleepover in my hotel room Friday night.

I woke up on Wedding Day a lot earlier than the alarm was set for, but thankfully I did get some sleep.

*Tip for Brides: If you're worried about getting sleep the night before the wedding and are thinking of taking a sleeping pill, make sure to test its effects on you beforehand. I tried Ambien Thursday night and liked that I wasn't groggy or still sleepy in the morning. I took it again Friday night and woke up Saturday feeling just fine.

The day was actually leisurely for me since all the girls and my mom had their hair and makeup done first. I showered, made the room as neat as possible as the girls checked into their own room and lounged on the couch.

As you know, weather was a big concern. And as we expected, the weather became terrible very early on. It poured rain for hours.

My mom and the hairdresser checking the weather out the window.

I remained extremely calm. No sense in worrying on your wedding day! I had until the afternoon to make a final decision on the ceremony location. I was just glad I had unexpected time to kick around and somewhat relax. I watched as the girls got ready...

Wine from a straw - don't stain the teeth!

Then, it was finally my turn...

All images (except the 1st two) are from Edward Zeltser Photography


LauraAnn said...

I am having a sleep over with my bridesmaids the night before too! :-)

Adrienne said...

Oh how fun!! You are gorgeous!

Future Mrs. H said...

I am doing a sleepover tooooo!! Looks like it was a great morning.. can't wait to see more pictures!!!