Sunday, May 10, 2009

These Seats Are Reserved

I wanted to do a few DIY projects for the wedding and making signs for the first chairs on the first aisles for the ceremony was a fairly easy one I thought I could do.

I don't have any crafty machines like the CriCut or anything like that so this was all on me.

First I cut pink and black cardstock to size.

Then Kobi wanted to help...

Then I printed "Reserved" in the size and font I wanted. Since the paper was cardstock, I couldn't trace on the desk because I couldn't see through. So I had to hold the "Reserved" paper and the pink cardstock up to the desk lamp and trace messily and lightly in the air with a pencil. I traced back over the pencil with a black scrapbook marker.

Then I just had to put them together.

Now all I need to do is punch a hole on either side at the top and tie black ribbon to them so they can hang on the chairs. Waiting on Mom to come on Tuesday with her hole punch and black ribbon.


Adrienne said...

I love how these turned out! And this reminds me that I need to get working on ours! haha

LauraAnn said...

Your reserved signs turned out great! That is a great idea to trace the font onto the card stock.