Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Save the Date!

Save the 10 days, Kiana and Mr. P are getting married!

While reminiscing over my engagement, I realized I've been a bad, bad blogger and have not made some pretty significant posts. So, I'm turning back the clock and am going to try to play catch up before the wedding arrives.

This is a big post...our Save the Date cards. And, I'm announcing Mr. P's actual first name. I was going to wait till after the wedding, but this post proves worthy.

If you recognize this card, (and please disregard the poor picture quality,) it's because it's from Wedding Paper Divas. Loved using them. But Philip and I really wanted to have magnets on our cards, although we didn't want to get actual magnet save the dates. Solution: After the STDs came in, we went to Staples and bought business card size magnets. It was perfect and SO easy. I just peeled off the backing and pasted it on the back of each card before putting them in the envelopes. It was the most piece of cake semi-DIY project ever. Highly recommended.

So who guessed Philip as Mr. P's name??? ;)


Adrienne said...

Your save the dates are gorgeous! It's so close!!! YAY!

Jen said...

I'm still in disbelief the wedding is NEXT WEEKEND!! Here I am at the office, drinking coffee at 11:30 at night with a ton of sugar in it. Here's to hoping I'll still fit in my BM dress come the 16th! Ahh! lol

AmyJean said...

Such cute STD's! I love it!