Monday, May 11, 2009

Ceremony Backup Plan

The weather forecast is not cooperating with our wedding day. As you can see, things have changed dramatically from 5 days ago. Philip and I have been stubborn and have refused to formulate a backup plan. Not acknowledging the issue just makes the possibility of it go away, right? I got a little sassy with my mom about it since she was pushing the topic - with good reason of course, but like I said, I just did not want to accept it and said 'oh well, bring an umbrella'...yikes.

I called my hotel coordinator today to ask her a question and somehow the topic of the weather got brought up since she knows our ceremony is outdoors. She said, "Don't worry, we've got you covered." Huh? Wait, the hotel has me covered if the ceremony is rained out? She sensed my confusion, I could tell and after some coaxing, I got it out of her. My parents had called her about the weather and the hotel has a room reserved for the ceremony, just in case! Those sneaky, sneaky parents of mine. They're lucky I love them! They don't know that I know - I think I'll keep that a secret until I see them tomorrow and call them out at our family dinner lol.



girl, you just gotta go with the "flow" : ) dont let anything literally rain on your parade : )

AmyJean said...

What a great set of parents! And i totally agree with Atlanta Bride... go with the flow, b/c its the bride/groom's attitudes that set the mood of the celebration... still crossing fingers for no rain! :)

LauraAnn said...

Gotta love parents! They always seem to look out for you know matter what!

My best friend just got married and it was raining on her wedding day. Luckily she didn't have an outdoor wedding but her pictures turned out awesome. They took the cutest pictures with umbrellas! So, worse case will get some adorable pictures! Good luck!!!

Adrienne said...

Hang in there!! Go invest in some adorable umbrellas and grab some shots playing in the rain. I know it's not what you planned but try to go with it. My best friend was supposed to have an outdoor wedding and it started to rain unexpectedly an hour before the ceremony, we held the ceremony in a room at the hotel and it was fine. She just kept saying, it doesn't matter, all that matter is that at the end of the day we will be married!

Future Mrs. H said...

Anyone who says only sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

Your day will be amazing no matter what!