Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The 11th Hour: The Bad & Good

Bad things

1) Anemones are completely out of stock. My bouquet and the main centerpieces need to be altered.
2) Weather. Duh.
3) Minor items incorrect in final event order for hotel
4) Have to decide final bad weather backup plan (either hotel or visitor's center at the park) by tomorrow
5) Wedding planner annoying me

Good things

1) Philip bought his ring today...for 80 bucks!
2) My family is here and we had a wonderful dinner last night
3) American Idol is on tonight (wedding brain detox)
4) I'm getting married in 3 days!

Although the bad is outweighing the good right now, I know it only feels that way. When everyone is coming to you for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. you don't even realize the stress creeping up on you. I feel I'm calm overall - all the things I, personally, wanted to get done are done because, well, I'm good like that ;) So now it's all the last minute things that are hitting me...and how I wish they weren't, but such is life and things will work out no matter what.

Like my coworker said this morning: "As long as you, the officiant and the groom show up, that's all that matters!"

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No way...anemones are out of stock!?? That was fast!! Just 7 weeks ago, we had them in our bouquets, cocktail hour centerpieces, and in our cake floral decor...I can't believe noone has them : / Regardless, your flowers will be gorgeous!! : ) Don't worry Kiana! Your day will beautiful. Who is your planner? I can relate to your frusterations with that!!