Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recaps Coming Soon

Hi all!

We're back from our honeymoon in Cancun and it was WONDERFUL.

Just wanted to check in since it's been so long and let you all know that I'll be starting recaps soon. I can't wait to tell you guys all about it and share the pics.

Coming up first, Friday before the wedding...

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Married!!!

I'm a Mrs.!!!

The wedding was AH-MAZING and gorgeous...and inside ;)

It actually all worked out for the best anyway and in hindsight was probably better that the ceremony was inside so everyone could hear us well.

We're leaving for the airport in 6 hours for Cancun! I'm exhausted and plan on sleeping on the plane for the whole ride. Can't wait to start the recap posts in a couple weeks!

Gag gift from my parents given to us during a family dinner this past Tuesday since we're going to Mexico just after this swine flu craze...

Look closely, his says "Just" and mine says "Married"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Post Before MARRIAGE

I'm checking into the hotel tomorrow and staying there with my bridesmaids at night.

I won't have internet access, so this is my last post before the wedding...

As I lay here in the dark with Philip fast asleep next to me, it truly feels surreal that our big day is only a day away when I wake up in the morning. I'll be sitting in the suite getting my hair and makeup done, slipping my dress on, clasping my bracelet and worrying if my vows will be any match for his well-written, eloquent words.

A final decision will be made at 3:30pm the day of the wedding whether to have the 6pm ceremony at the park as planned, or in the barren hotel. We'll see what happens, but I'm hoping Mother Nature gets the rain out of her system in the morning or something and the rest of the day is clear. I'm not even asking for sunshine! just no rain! Again, everyone cross their fingers for us!

Either way, the majority of our time will be in the hotel at the reception anyway and I know we'll have a great time there. I'm looking forward to spending time with everyone and getting some great photos of the night. Most of all, and especially now (something peaceful about the person you love sleeping next to you), I'm excited to put those rings on our fingers and having that moment to relish in the fact that we are married: husband and wife.

I'll miss the blogging for the next week and a half, but I know there will be great content when I'm back.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The 11th Hour: The Bad & Good

Bad things

1) Anemones are completely out of stock. My bouquet and the main centerpieces need to be altered.
2) Weather. Duh.
3) Minor items incorrect in final event order for hotel
4) Have to decide final bad weather backup plan (either hotel or visitor's center at the park) by tomorrow
5) Wedding planner annoying me

Good things

1) Philip bought his ring today...for 80 bucks!
2) My family is here and we had a wonderful dinner last night
3) American Idol is on tonight (wedding brain detox)
4) I'm getting married in 3 days!

Although the bad is outweighing the good right now, I know it only feels that way. When everyone is coming to you for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. you don't even realize the stress creeping up on you. I feel I'm calm overall - all the things I, personally, wanted to get done are done because, well, I'm good like that ;) So now it's all the last minute things that are hitting me...and how I wish they weren't, but such is life and things will work out no matter what.

Like my coworker said this morning: "As long as you, the officiant and the groom show up, that's all that matters!"

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ceremony Backup Plan

The weather forecast is not cooperating with our wedding day. As you can see, things have changed dramatically from 5 days ago. Philip and I have been stubborn and have refused to formulate a backup plan. Not acknowledging the issue just makes the possibility of it go away, right? I got a little sassy with my mom about it since she was pushing the topic - with good reason of course, but like I said, I just did not want to accept it and said 'oh well, bring an umbrella'...yikes.

I called my hotel coordinator today to ask her a question and somehow the topic of the weather got brought up since she knows our ceremony is outdoors. She said, "Don't worry, we've got you covered." Huh? Wait, the hotel has me covered if the ceremony is rained out? She sensed my confusion, I could tell and after some coaxing, I got it out of her. My parents had called her about the weather and the hotel has a room reserved for the ceremony, just in case! Those sneaky, sneaky parents of mine. They're lucky I love them! They don't know that I know - I think I'll keep that a secret until I see them tomorrow and call them out at our family dinner lol.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

These Seats Are Reserved

I wanted to do a few DIY projects for the wedding and making signs for the first chairs on the first aisles for the ceremony was a fairly easy one I thought I could do.

I don't have any crafty machines like the CriCut or anything like that so this was all on me.

First I cut pink and black cardstock to size.

Then Kobi wanted to help...

Then I printed "Reserved" in the size and font I wanted. Since the paper was cardstock, I couldn't trace on the desk because I couldn't see through. So I had to hold the "Reserved" paper and the pink cardstock up to the desk lamp and trace messily and lightly in the air with a pencil. I traced back over the pencil with a black scrapbook marker.

Then I just had to put them together.

Now all I need to do is punch a hole on either side at the top and tie black ribbon to them so they can hang on the chairs. Waiting on Mom to come on Tuesday with her hole punch and black ribbon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Forecast

Today was the first day I could check the weather for W-Day with the 10-day forecast.
This is what I saw:

Please stay this way! Those other days look wretched. Cross your fingers for us!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Save the Date!

Save the date...in 10 days, Kiana and Mr. P are getting married!

While reminiscing over my engagement, I realized I've been a bad, bad blogger and have not made some pretty significant posts. So, I'm turning back the clock and am going to try to play catch up before the wedding arrives.

This is a big post...our Save the Date cards. And, I'm announcing Mr. P's actual first name. I was going to wait till after the wedding, but this post proves worthy.

If you recognize this card, (and please disregard the poor picture quality,) it's because it's from Wedding Paper Divas. Loved using them. But Philip and I really wanted to have magnets on our cards, although we didn't want to get actual magnet save the dates. Solution: After the STDs came in, we went to Staples and bought business card size magnets. It was perfect and SO easy. I just peeled off the backing and pasted it on the back of each card before putting them in the envelopes. It was the most piece of cake semi-DIY project ever. Highly recommended.

So who guessed Philip as Mr. P's name??? ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Late Night Inspiration

I just tried to write my vows for the second time because I was hating what I tried to write the first. And...

these are it.

Load off!!! I am so happy - they're not complete and need some sprucing, but the basics are down and just some fillers are needed which I am not worried about at all since I jotted a bunch of notes a while back.

Why is it I'm able to write so well late at night? (This was a downfall in school lol)

Less than 2 weeks now...