Friday, April 24, 2009

The Moment

Every bride has that moment. The moment where all of a sudden, the reality of marriage, your husband-to-be, living a life together all comes together to knock you over the head and depending on your emotional threshold, tears may come to your eyes. Common times for this to happen to brides are usually during seeing yourself in a wedding dress for the first time, starting to write your vows, trying on your own wedding dress for the first time, etc.

I've tried on numerous wedding dresses. I've had my hair and makeup done. I've tried on my wedding dress for my first alterations fitting. I've tried on my dress, my veil, my shoes, my bracelet all together for my second fitting when the dress fit perfectly. I've seen and tried on my wedding ring. And I've even started to write my vows.

And nothing.

Until today.

Four weeks ago, when I found my wedding day shoes at Macy's, my mom went on about how she loved them on me and even my current Barbie pink toenail polish with them. She said to get that exact color again for my wedding day and not French, like I was planning.

Today, the first time back to the nail salon since I bought my shoes, I got the same color for my toes and fingers. As I came to the end of my manicure and see this Barbie pink color on my nails and think back on my mom's advice, it hit me.

I'm getting married. In three weeks. This is probably the last time I'll go to the nail salon before I get them done for my wedding day. I could potentially be wearing this color again on that day. I'm getting married.

And there you have it. My moment was alone at the nail salon.


Adrienne said...

That's so cute!! Three weeks!!! YAY! So glad you have had your "moment!"

Future Mrs. H said...

I just teared up reading this... I have those little moments every so often...when it hits me that I am really getting married in less than 6 months...and I am so lucky and so afraid that its all a dream!!


wow - time flies doesn't it!? Cant wait to see pics from your wedding day :)

Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

So crazy!! I'm excited for you.