Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Missing "Something"

I have my something new, well, many something news: my dress, shoes, veil and bracelet. I have my something borrowed: earrings from my aunt. I have my something blue: my garter from Etsy.

But I am missing my something old.

I want it to be somewhat sentimental and not chaulk it up to old makeup or old bobby pins or something like that, but I'm wondering if that's what'll have to happen. I really have no idea and nothing to go off of at this point. I need help!

What are/did you ladies using/use as your something old?


Adrienne said...

I am wearing my grandmother's wedding ring on my right hand as my something old. I love it!!

Also, don't forget about "a sixpence in your shoe." If you don't have a real sixpence you can always use a penny! It brings good fortune! :)

Good luck finding your something old!

Hi, Lane said...

I have two holes in each ear, so I wore diamond studs that my husband got me for our first Valentine's together. (Wow, it really didn't seem that sentimental until I wrote it out.) I think that was the only something old I had, but it is tough. Good luck!