Thursday, April 23, 2009

Engagement Party & Photos vs. Anniversary Photos

Everyone has different ideas of how weddings 'should' be and what events 'should' happen before the big day. I like to think I'm a nice mix of traditional and non. The traditional side of me wanted all the pre-wedding events: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and maybe even a joint bachelor/bachelorette party to throw in the mix. I wanted to celebrate!

Mr. P and I got engaged March 21, 2008. Truth be told, the ring was probably burning a hole in his pocket, as we weren't entirely prepared to actually start planning a wedding for several reasons. So we didn't start planning anything, even setting the date, until late August, about 5 months later. But, that didn't mean we weren't engaged, so we wanted to throw a little party. We knew we couldn't do anything extravagant, so we just invited friends in town and four friends from Orlando (my hometown and where we met) over to our apartment for a cocktail party on a Saturday in June. The Wednesday prior, Mr. P's mom passed away.

Needless to say, the engagement party was immediately cancelled. It was not the time for many people, drinks and parties.

Time passed...and passed some more. Finally I mentioned trying again to celebrate our engagement, even though we had passed the traditional engagement party threshold of about 3 months. Mr. P said it felt funny because we had been engaged for so long already and passed on the opportunity.

Through the midst of all this, not knowing much about the wedding world at the time, the opportunity to have engagement pictures taken also passed us by. I had a hard time finding a photographer who I really loved (not to mention it was November by this point) and had to drop "includes engagement session" from my list of must-haves in a photography package.

Do I feel like I missed out? Well, I'll be honest, a little. Do I think a party and some photos are a necessity to feel good about my wedding experience as a whole? Absolutely not.

I was catching up on my Google Reader and came across a post at The Bride's Cafe about an anniversary shoot. LIGHTBULB!

This couple had an amazingly gorgeous photoshoot - old hollywood glam inspired - to celebrate their 2-year anniversary. Mr. P has wanted me to take some 'modeling' type photos again and what better way to accomplish than to include us both and channel our inner divas since this won't be used for Save-the-Dates or anything wedding related?!

It may not be a party. It may not be 'official' & 'traditional' engagement photos. But it's something. Something that a year from now could bring us back to thoughts of our wedding and the excitement of being married for one whole year.

So, do you think this is a good idea to present to Mr. P as a 1-year anniversary event? What type/style of shoot would you recommend for an anniversary shoot opposed to an engagement session?


Adrienne said...

Oh I absolutely say you do it!! That is an excellent idea. I was planning to do one for us 5 or 10 yrs. down the road, so to me they are totally normal. For you guys a one year shoot would be perfect! I would think it's a lot like an engagement shoot as far as style goes, but you are open to make it anything you want!!

Kyla said...

Oh my gosh- what a fun idea!! Yes, it's a must :)

I love the old Hollywood scenario... but I'm interested to see what all else you are considering!

LauraAnn said...

That is such a great idea! I think no matter what style shoot you do Mr. P will love it. If it were me I would consider doing a boudoir shoot (if comfortable doing that). It adds some extra spice to the marriage!