Thursday, April 9, 2009

Details & Etsy Love

There's only 5.5 weeks till W-Day. So naturally, I'm tying up all loose ends, dealing with details, etc.

The past couple days have been successes with the details. Here's what's been done:

>I found perfect wedding day panties at Victoria's Secret.
>I ordered a runner
>I made the final decision to NOT order rose petals for the aisle because my aisle is huge at 125 ft. and I couldn't find anything under $420 to cover both sides for a total of 250 ft.!
>We/I decided our first dance, cake cutting, garter & bouquet toss songs
>My dad decided the father/daughter dance song
>We bought bathing suits for Cancun
>I made my hair and makeup trial appointments (hair trial in tomorrow!)
>I've finalized details with the florist and included a toss bouqet for cheap
And most recently, about 30 minutes ago, I gave the go ahead for Peterene from Etsy to make a reserve order for me for this gorgeous garter:

She has this one available on its own, but I asked if she could make me another as my toss garter. It's going to be a simple white band with the same flower. Perfect, I'm sold! This is my 'something blue'.

Another thing I wanted to get on Etsy was a pretty hanger for my dress to be showcased on in the hotel room. I did a search but only found one or two. I was a little surprised. But I found these at Target:

For $12.99, they might be the best bet and I can just give some of the extras to my bridesmaids. Anyone else find a pretty (and inexpensive) hanger for their dress?


Once A Bride said...

did you try fly boy naturals for rose petals? great prices...

also, the container store has pretty (and cheap) hangers. :)

Katy said...

I actually found my hanger at Goodwill. It's black with white polka dots. :-)

I've seen a couple cute ones on Etsy and I'm pretty sure if you contacted one of them they would make one custom in your colors:

There's a lot on ebay, too:

AmyJean said...

You got a lot done! :)