Monday, March 2, 2009

Special Gift

I haven't mentioned this (why? dunno,) but my bridal shower and bachelorette combo weekend is coming up soon! It's the 20-22 of this month (17 days!) I've been calling it the 'B&B Weekend' with my bridesmaids - so much easier/shorter to write! lol

Anyway, more details on the actual weekend later. The matter at hand is a special thank you gift. Mr. P's best friend/man's mom stepped up to the plate and kindly offered her home for the bridal shower location after only meeting me TWO times, and recently might I add. Some people are so genuinely nice and really want to help out. I was going to have it at my apartment - talk about cramped! And without any family here, Mr. P's mom having passed and his father not being in good enough condition to have anyone in his house, I was at a loss to keep things on a budget for my girls. So, the apartment it was until Suzanne came along.

Obviously I need to get her something as a special thank you for this. We're going to try to go over to her house this weekend to say 'hi' and give her the gift. So I thought, who better to ask then all of you for ideas on what to get her.

I'm on a budget of course, I'm thinking no more than $35. I could get her one thing or a bunch of little things and the sorority girl in me can arrange them super cute in a basket or something like this:

I think I'm too short on time for anything DIY except maybe a nice card. That's about as far as I've gotten lol.

Any ideas? What do you think would be appropriate?


Katy said...

I think a basket of goodies would be cute.

You can't go wrong with ferrero rocher, so that would be a good thing to put in there.

Adrienne said...

That is a cute basket! For my shower hostesses I am giving them shower related products - lotions, bath salts, etc. Just an idea!

Raquel said...

I'm a huge fan of the basket idea - it'll be fun for you because you get to pick all the cute stuff that goes inside and arrange it all pretty, and she'll love it because it's thoughtful and lovely! You could do food-related products, with a theme, like: 1) wine/cheese theme: bottle of wine, cute coasters, a few bricks of nice cheese from the grocery store or specialty food store, or 2) a nice loaf of fresh bread with dipping oil and some nice seasoning to put in it. I'm so into this idea!!! Haha.

Tenille said...

A basket is really nice. I also agree with the theme idea. Wine and cheese is always good (there are some *great* wines for $10 - 13 each) or bath related items. Who knows. But she'll love anything you give her, I'm sure.

LauraAnn said...

I like the basket idea! Everybody loves little snacks and chocolate.

I think I am giving my hostesses a Willow Tree figurines but I also know that my hostesses collect them so that was easy for me.

Caitlin said...

Definitely love the basket idea - maybe fill it by a theme ... a relaxation basket, cooking basket, wine n cheese basket, etc.

AmyJean said...

ohhh that's so exciting. A basket of goodies is great. I can't wait to hear all about it!