Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Invitations: Test After Test, Problem After Problem

We're printing our own invitations to save money as some of you already know. What you don't know is that I've returned these invitations and bought new ones that now match our new theme.

Last week I get an urge to be diligent. I finished scanning all the pictures for our slideshow. Then, in the same night, I started on our invitation template in Word. Well, let's just say scanning went a little smoother than configuring the template.

I have a macbook. I love it. It does not love our printer. The struggle between formatting on Word, the page setup and the printer seemed endless. And it would have been if I hadn't stopped the madness and gotten on our PC desktop to try it on there.

After a fight with Mr.P, 25 test sheets and an empty ink cartridge, the template is finally formatted correctly.

Sneak peek at the invites!

So test after test after test, you'd think we'd be all dandy and ready to go after buying a new ink cartridge right? Absolutely not. The fonts we wanted are on my mac and not the PC. I tried to get them to the PC, but mac got super smart on me and I can't do that. Dilemma. So I found out about AWESOME! I had heard about it before, but never looked into it.

So font problem solved, all I have to do is pick a couple and see what they look like on the computer, right? Wrong. Our desktop decides it wants to kapoot on us. This was 2 days ago and I need to have the invitations printed, addressed and mailed by next Thursday! Oh lordy. Wedding anxiety is setting in!


Adrienne said...

Oh you poor thing! I swear invites are the hardest of all the DIY projects, there should be a warning or something! Hang in there!!!

Jen said...

Poor baby! :( Well, at least you've got a fun weekend ahead of you in just one week! And God, I can't believe the wedding is in just two months now. Love you!!

LauraAnn said...

Oh my gosh!!! You poor thing! Hopefully things go smoother and you can get your invites done and ready by next Thursday! Good luck!!!

Hi, Lane said...

I had the SAME problem. The invitations printed crooked on my HP printer with my Mac. And my fiance's Lexmark doesn't work with my Mac. So I had to send the template to my parent's PC & hook up the Lexmark there.. and then I had to pick a new font. It took FOREVER because I had to buy 2 new cartridges and print the RSVPs and address labels on my HP/Mac combo. But I finally got it! So, good luck!

jessica lynn said...

i hope that everything is going better for you now! fingers crossed!