Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ceremony Overload

Breaking from the B & B Weekend recap, the main thing on my wedding agenda right now is the ceremony. We have an officiant who has basically left everything into our hands. From the structure, to the order, to the words, to the vows, it's all on us. He gave us a packet to go by and choose from, but none of it has blown me away. I'll probably only use the 'repeat after me' vows from it and maybe the ring vows. We are definitely writing our own vows, but what about everything else? I've been searching the net like mad and there's so much information out there! It's good and bad on the same token because a lot of it is definitely not what I'm looking for (ie traditional, religious, etc.) I'm looking for simple, non-religious, beautiful words. I want it to be as if the officiant were saying them to Mr. P and me as words of wisdom, telling us all the good, wonderful and truthful things that marriage will really be for us.

Has anyone had to put together their own ceremony like this? Any websites or advice you can recommend?

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My Dream Ring said...

I seriously am no help on this. I would check weddingbee.com or the projectwedding.com forums. Good Luck!!