Monday, March 30, 2009

Bachelorette Party - Apartment Pre-Game

I only figured out why my friends asked some of those questions in this Pre B & B Weekend post, not all.

Do you have a single hole punch?
For DIY confetti for the tables at the shower

Do you have a Party City near your place?
They got pink and black streamers, bachelorette party balloons, balloons for the shower and wall signs for both ("Bachelorette Party" and "Bridal Shower".)

Do you have a blow-up doll?
Definitely to throw me off haha

Do you have computer paper?
For my "List" of things to do while out for the Bachelorette Party - I think I only got 3 done out of 12 lol

The questions about past guys and asking for the story on how Mr. P and I met...I'm still stumped. The story of how we met never came up and neither did those guys' names. Hmm.

My MOH, JR (initials abbrv), shipped an enormous box to my place from NYC. I never saw it, but when I called my leasing office to inquire about its arrival, the lady didn't sound very pleased that it was there because of its size! lol JR and bridesmaid LK picked it up and I was so curious as to what it was. This is what it was...

A board game!!! How do people come up with these amazing, creative ideas?! Every time you landed on a picture of me with some guy, I had to tell the story behind the picture. Yikes, lol. The other squares you could land on were 'socials', 'loves' and 'woo' cards. Socials were a topic where everyone had to participate with what the card said and drink. Love cards were reasons why Mr. P loves me. Aww. And Woo cards (my favorites!) were cards that said something cute or fun or silly and everyone just yells "wooo!" afterwards. It sounds funny, but once you're doing it in person, it makes sense and is silly fun. Example: "Kiana is getting married!!" "Wooo!!" Get it?? haha

Playing the game. LK on left, me in middle and CM (Jay Waddles sleep talker) on right.


Adrienne said...

How fun!! Your girls are awesome, it looks like you all had a blast!

LauraAnn said...

How freaking cute?!? I love how your BM created a game for you! What a great idea!

Sounds like you had a great time!

Kyla said...

How fun- what a neat game!

Once A Bride said...

your friends are so creative! looks like you had a blast.