Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ceremony Overload

Breaking from the B & B Weekend recap, the main thing on my wedding agenda right now is the ceremony. We have an officiant who has basically left everything into our hands. From the structure, to the order, to the words, to the vows, it's all on us. He gave us a packet to go by and choose from, but none of it has blown me away. I'll probably only use the 'repeat after me' vows from it and maybe the ring vows. We are definitely writing our own vows, but what about everything else? I've been searching the net like mad and there's so much information out there! It's good and bad on the same token because a lot of it is definitely not what I'm looking for (ie traditional, religious, etc.) I'm looking for simple, non-religious, beautiful words. I want it to be as if the officiant were saying them to Mr. P and me as words of wisdom, telling us all the good, wonderful and truthful things that marriage will really be for us.

Has anyone had to put together their own ceremony like this? Any websites or advice you can recommend?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bachelorette Party - Apartment Pre-Game

I only figured out why my friends asked some of those questions in this Pre B & B Weekend post, not all.

Do you have a single hole punch?
For DIY confetti for the tables at the shower

Do you have a Party City near your place?
They got pink and black streamers, bachelorette party balloons, balloons for the shower and wall signs for both ("Bachelorette Party" and "Bridal Shower".)

Do you have a blow-up doll?
Definitely to throw me off haha

Do you have computer paper?
For my "List" of things to do while out for the Bachelorette Party - I think I only got 3 done out of 12 lol

The questions about past guys and asking for the story on how Mr. P and I met...I'm still stumped. The story of how we met never came up and neither did those guys' names. Hmm.

My MOH, JR (initials abbrv), shipped an enormous box to my place from NYC. I never saw it, but when I called my leasing office to inquire about its arrival, the lady didn't sound very pleased that it was there because of its size! lol JR and bridesmaid LK picked it up and I was so curious as to what it was. This is what it was...

A board game!!! How do people come up with these amazing, creative ideas?! Every time you landed on a picture of me with some guy, I had to tell the story behind the picture. Yikes, lol. The other squares you could land on were 'socials', 'loves' and 'woo' cards. Socials were a topic where everyone had to participate with what the card said and drink. Love cards were reasons why Mr. P loves me. Aww. And Woo cards (my favorites!) were cards that said something cute or fun or silly and everyone just yells "wooo!" afterwards. It sounds funny, but once you're doing it in person, it makes sense and is silly fun. Example: "Kiana is getting married!!" "Wooo!!" Get it?? haha

Playing the game. LK on left, me in middle and CM (Jay Waddles sleep talker) on right.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Big 5-0!

Other BIG items:
*All invitations went out yesterday - woo! They are on time, too with 7.5 weeks till the wedding. My mom was a MAJOR help with putting the templates together (she's a Word wiz) and we tossed the templates the stationary company provided. If anyone else is planning on doing DIY invitations bought from the store, I highly recommend doing that. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
*Most of the logistics for the wedding are figured out and everyone is on the same page and knows about them (ie planner, hotel coordinator and ceremony site coordinator.)
*Makeup artist is booked!! Hair stylist is almost booked!
I promise the next post will be the B & B Weekend recap, but I couldn't ignore my 50 day mark and I don't have my pics on this computer.
image source

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bachelorette Dreaming

Where: My apartment, on the couch
When: Morning after the bachelorette party, 8:30 a.m.
Who: Bridesmaids CM and JR and Me

Bridesmaid CM sleep talking: *Giggle* "Jay Waddles!" *Giggle*

Bridesmaid JR & Me: *Laughter* "What did she just say?? Jay WADDLES?"

Bridesmaid CM now half-conscious: *Giggle* "Did I just say that out loud?"

Bridesmaid JR & Me: "Haha, YES! What's Jay Waddles??"

Bridesmaid CM: "Jay Waddles. He's the midget...he's, he's the dwarf stripper at your bachelorette party. It says 'Jay Waddles' on his shirt. Jay Waddles...'cause he waddles."

Bridesmaid JR & Me: "Huh?! Whaaaa?!" *Laughter*

Upcoming posts: B & B Weekend updates and photos

Friday, March 20, 2009

Passion or Peck?


Mr. P said to me "You better not give me one of your little peck kisses on our wedding day." I was appalled he said that! He only gets those when I have lipgloss on! Of course my lipgloss will not matter in that moment. But some people like peck kisses and think they're cute. We'll be having a passionate kiss, what about you?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Award Catch Up

This is seriously about 2 weeks overdue - yikes!

Thank you SO much to Tina from Tina & Steve for this Blog Award.

Tina is seriously so sweet and I can't believe the kind words she said about me and my blog when she tagged me! I'm mega busy and cheating by not tagging anyone (sorry!) but I, of course, still wanted to express my gratitude and thanks to Tina. Thank you!!

Check out her fab blog!

Pre B & B Weekend

My Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower are this weekend!

The B-Party was supposed to be on Friday night, but it JUST got changed to Saturday night yesterday because my bridesmaid who did the majority of the planning for it was all of a sudden not going to be able to make it from out of town. (The situation was out of her hands.) So we accommodated her and so glad we did because it's going to be a blast and she'll see the fruits of her labor!

So everything for this weekend is supposed to be a surprise, but I've been getting some really interesting/funny questions asked of me that all start out with, "Okay, random question...." or "Random question...and don't ask me why I'm asking..." lol.

Here are some of the questions I've been asked over the past couple weeks:
  • What's the name of that guy you hooked up with in college that you brought to Harry's once? (Harry's is the restaurant I did marketing for and I guessed about 5 guys before I got this one right, oh geez)
  • Do you have a single hole punch?
  • Is there a Party City near your place?
  • Do you have a portable CD player?
  • Tell me the story of how you and Mr. P met.
  • Do you have a blow-up doll? (I think this one was to throw me off haha)
  • Who was the other bartender that worked with Vespa? (Vespa is the last name of a guy I had a thing with in college...and his fellow bartender as you can tell lol oh goodness)
  • Do you have a hot glue gun or super glue?
  • Do you have computer paper?

I can ONLY imagine what's in store for Saturday night! My own B-Party & Shower will be my first! I have no idea what to expect except for FUN. (Expect except, whoa that was a hard one lol.)

This weekend will be jam-packed because the girls arrive tomorrow night and late Friday night and my mom arrives on Saturday. Saturday afternoon is my first official dress fitting! SO excited for my bridesmaids to all be there for that. Then the B-Party is that night, then the Shower the next day at 1 p.m., then the girls leave. My mom and I will be meeting with a hair stylist, my planner at the ceremony site and do the food tasting at the hotel all on Saturday. She doesn't know it yet, but in spare time, she will be helping me with my big invitations project!

Hopefully there will be pictures galore next week!

Friday, March 13, 2009


"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."

-Winnie the Pooh

In my vows. End of story. How can you not love the innocence and sincerity of Pooh Bear?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Invitations: Test After Test, Problem After Problem

We're printing our own invitations to save money as some of you already know. What you don't know is that I've returned these invitations and bought new ones that now match our new theme.

Last week I get an urge to be diligent. I finished scanning all the pictures for our slideshow. Then, in the same night, I started on our invitation template in Word. Well, let's just say scanning went a little smoother than configuring the template.

I have a macbook. I love it. It does not love our printer. The struggle between formatting on Word, the page setup and the printer seemed endless. And it would have been if I hadn't stopped the madness and gotten on our PC desktop to try it on there.

After a fight with Mr.P, 25 test sheets and an empty ink cartridge, the template is finally formatted correctly.

Sneak peek at the invites!

So test after test after test, you'd think we'd be all dandy and ready to go after buying a new ink cartridge right? Absolutely not. The fonts we wanted are on my mac and not the PC. I tried to get them to the PC, but mac got super smart on me and I can't do that. Dilemma. So I found out about dafont.com. AWESOME! I had heard about it before, but never looked into it.

So font problem solved, all I have to do is pick a couple and see what they look like on the computer, right? Wrong. Our desktop decides it wants to kapoot on us. This was 2 days ago and I need to have the invitations printed, addressed and mailed by next Thursday! Oh lordy. Wedding anxiety is setting in!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Relaxation Gift Basket

This weekend I put together a "relaxation gift basket" for Mr. P's best man's mom to say 'thank you' for opening up her home for my bridal shower in 2 weeks. That's the idea most of you suggested, so I figured I couldn't go wrong. It turned out cute! Thanks for the ideas everyone! I hope she likes it.

I included wine (of course,) bath salt, lotion, foaming milk bath, chocolate, foot scrub and a candle - fresh linen. I think I might add a ribbon to pretty it up. Hmm.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forgotten Task

Little details come up in random conversation that you had previously forgetten about and you think, "shoot, I've got to remember to do that." But today, something randomly crossed my mind that I hadn't thought of before. Well, let me rephrase, I'd thought of this before, just not about executing it.

The name change.
Whoa mama, can't forget that one!

I think it was drilled so far back in my mind, thinking that I had such a long time to take care of it and figure out everything I needed to do for it that it just never came up in my mind again.

I'm not a huge fan of what my name sounds like with Mr. P's last name to be honest, but I'm sure it's just because I'm so used to hearing it with only my last name for over 20 years. And my first name is a little unique so I feel it's harder to match. Although, Kiana McConaughey doesn't sound half bad ;) lol just kidding.

Mr. P seems to think I should keep my last name and make it my middle name, which would be very easy for me because I actually do not have a middle name. But the thought of my last name suddenly becoming my middle name and also never having had a middle name before seems awkward for me. Hyphenating is just not for me. So the only other option would be to go traditional and take on his last name only. I think I am leaning towards this option, but it all feels so final and official. I mean, it's your name - that's a pretty big part of what identifies you as you. What do you guys think? How will you be changing your names?

I also find myself needing some simple info on how to get this done and when (before/after wedding.) How much will it cost and how long will the process take? Does anyone know the best places to go to get the name change done?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Special Gift

I haven't mentioned this (why? dunno,) but my bridal shower and bachelorette combo weekend is coming up soon! It's the 20-22 of this month (17 days!) I've been calling it the 'B&B Weekend' with my bridesmaids - so much easier/shorter to write! lol

Anyway, more details on the actual weekend later. The matter at hand is a special thank you gift. Mr. P's best friend/man's mom stepped up to the plate and kindly offered her home for the bridal shower location after only meeting me TWO times, and recently might I add. Some people are so genuinely nice and really want to help out. I was going to have it at my apartment - talk about cramped! And without any family here, Mr. P's mom having passed and his father not being in good enough condition to have anyone in his house, I was at a loss to keep things on a budget for my girls. So, the apartment it was until Suzanne came along.

Obviously I need to get her something as a special thank you for this. We're going to try to go over to her house this weekend to say 'hi' and give her the gift. So I thought, who better to ask then all of you for ideas on what to get her.

I'm on a budget of course, I'm thinking no more than $35. I could get her one thing or a bunch of little things and the sorority girl in me can arrange them super cute in a basket or something like this:

I think I'm too short on time for anything DIY except maybe a nice card. That's about as far as I've gotten lol.

Any ideas? What do you think would be appropriate?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Checking Off the List

Isn't checking things off a list one of the best feelings ever? It's such a sense of accomplishment. I love that.

I am almost completely done scanning photos for the slideshow! This is so exciting. You know when you build something up in your head that is going to be tedious and awful, but then when you sit down to actually do it, it's not that bad? Well that's definitely what has happened to me with scanning and cropping all these photos. I think I'm "on a roll," lol.

I will say that peeling back the sticky paper from old school albums to get to the photos is a little scary. I'm realizing it's ok though and I won't ruin the photos or paper.

While in this process, what Mr. P doesn't know is that I am on the hunt for a really great pic of his mom to put next to the small display I'm going to make for her. I think I have found one or two contenders where I can crop her and she looks really fabulous.

Speaking of which, I've decided what I'm going to do to honor his mom. Yay! Another decision checked off the list! Thanks so much for the ideas and help; it really got my wheels turning and I've finally decided exactly what I'm going to do. The only other person who knows about it is Mr. P's sister because I needed some info from her to accomplish the DIY project. Sorry I'm not telling this one...I love, love surprises so I'm trying to keep a couple for the wedding because usually I'm such an open book! But don't worry, I'll of course take some pics of the process and post after the wedding - hopefully you guys can wait till then ;) Just wanted to mention it because I feel relieved to have thought of something really good to do and also wanted to thank you for the help again.

I love these 'memorials' incorporated into weddings as well.

This last one is my fave.