Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ring a ling a ling

I'm such a bad blogger! No, it's just been crazy busy here - work, personal, wedding, etc. But there are obviously things to update on since it's been so long...

We finally went ring shopping this weekend! (I've been bugging Mr. P about it for a couple months!) It's so nice to cross things off the list...well, this is a half cross off since they're not actually bought yet. But some decisions were made and that is always nice. We decided on the width that looks right with my e-ring and also design elements that will make them look like
 they go together. For his ring, well...basically he decided that he'd get it off the internet for $30 last minute - his words, not mine. Haha oh well, it's on him - he's said he will take care of everything pertaining to the bands.

This is the sort of look we're going for, but with brilliant cut (round diamonds,) for my ring:

This is sort of the look we're going for, (I think,) for his ring:
And this is sort of how our rings will look together (minus the e-ring):


Caitlin said...

Wow, that engagement ring looks exactly like mine - where did you get this photo? I love the band!

Kyla said...

I love them! How exciting!!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...


LauraAnn said...

Very pretty!

AmyJean said...

That is a gorgeous setting... and i can totally picture the rounds in there!