Friday, January 23, 2009

#39: Great Way to Start the Weekend!


OMG, so exciting :) This was my first review ever in the business world because I was only at my last job for 4 months (long story.) I've been with my company for a year and 2 weeks now and just had my annual review today.

These are just tough times for everyone and I've seen that all around me from other blogger's losing their jobs, to my fiance losing business from clients due to hiring freezes (he's a recruiter), my dad losing his bread & butter accounts, my best friend not getting a title or financial raise even though she truly deserves it, etc. So that's why I am so grateful and thankful to have this job and even be in the position to receive a raise. Especially with having to pay for the majority of this wedding, it's going to help us out financially so much.

Just had to shout this from the rooftops because I'm super excited and so glad to have had a great first review ever!


AmyJean said...

CONGRATS! That is truly awesome and its nice to see good people being rewarded for hard work! You definitely deserve it and the good news is a great way to start the weekend! Go celebrate tonight and make sure to pat yourself on the back for me :)
PS. I should learn to not try to multitask ... lol.

Once A Bride said...

Yea!! Congrats! --Big celebration tonight!

Michelle said...

Congrats!!! That is huge!

Robb Report Rich said...

dope blog..check out my blog

LauraAnn said...


Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

Yay it is letting me post normal now!! Your blog is great and now I can leave comments a little easier!

Happy Monday!