Thursday, January 22, 2009

#38: Second Thoughts & Worries - Calm Me Down!

First off, some housekeeping:
Due to learning a little more about Google's way of doing things and how this blog can be found more easily related to each post's specific topics, I'm going to cease numbering my posts (even though it's fun to count!) I'll stop on #40 to make it nice and round...yes, I'm weird like that.
Also, I'm playing around with the style of this blog until I get some graphics created. So don't mind the ups and downs of my temporary decisions lol.

On to the real post:
Why am I thinking about this so much??? ...second guessing my bridesmaid dresses?! It's nervewracking and besides, it's not like I can do anything about it now anyway! I think I just wish I had had more time so the girls could've gone into the store in their city and I could've gotten more opinions about the style, the color, the fit. (Even still, Priscilla of Boston isn't in ALL their cities.)But do you ever see other bloggers post with your color scheme or something similar and then think to yourself, "omg that's gorgeous, should've I decided on something more like that??" I am just having crazy confusion right now on a lot of things...Is my wedding going to look how I really want it to? Is it really representing Mr. P and me as a couple? Is it representing our style and likes? I really really want to say YES! to all of those questions, but a little part of me is worrying that maybe I didn't spend as much time as I should've thinking about the style, color scheme etc that I truly wanted...because truthfully, I did kind of decide a few things just on the fly and then somehow it evolved without me taking some real time to think about it (besides the peacock part.) I mean, this could drive a person crazy! And I'm normally one to just say "oh, whatever" but it's so much harder to do that with your own wedding day!

Well, here is what I think the best course of action is to not have this lingering feeling of doubt and worry follow me throughout the next 4 months of planning (because that would be horrible)...

1) Forget about the bridesmaids' dresses! They're bought and paid for and there's no turning back, so why worry about it?
2) Take some time this weekend to really think about who Mr.P and I are style-wise as a couple
3) Think of ways to portray what I come up with from #2 in the wedding (on the cheap of course!)
4) Make a plan to execute #3

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


AmyJean said...

It's easy to second guess yourself .. and almost natural. Especially with us bloggers b/c we see new great ideas daily! ... Just remind yourself, you picked that dress for a reason! And its great! :)


Adrienne said...

Sounds like you have a good plan in place! We all second guess ourselves, there are just too many cute options out there! :)

bridechic said...

I've been working with brides 20 plus years and have been one myself. Here's what usually happens: Once you walk down the aisle, you'll think, 'Wow, this is so totally awesome. Did me and him actually plan all this?'
Your blue bridesmaids will be part of all that lovliness.

Kristy Goldman said...

Your bridesmaids' dresses obviously had something that struck you initially, and I think your wedding will turn out beautifully. Some decision just happen on the fly like that, and it will all work together in the end!

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