Monday, January 19, 2009

#36: Cake Tasting Review

I can't believe it took me this long to post about this, but the cake tasting at Cakes By Darcy where my friend won the $150 credit was AWESOME. It was at 12 PM so cake was my lunch hehe, but I'm glad it was good cake! Grade: A+

From left to right, French vanilla, devil's food (chocolate), almond butter, red velvet and carrot cake all topped with butter cream (except the red velvet was topped with cream cheese of course.) Top row of fillings are fruit preserves and the bottom row are caramel, chocolate butter cream, amaretto cream, lemon and fudge.
I know you guys have never seen Mr. P before, so here is his debut!
(Don't mind the scrubbiness or my hair up, ew lol)
My girlfriend Lauren who won the cake and generously let us have it for our wedding
So this is what we decided: 3 tiers, 6", 9" and 12". The 12" bottom layer (aka our first bite during cake cutting) will be chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream filling (my choice! lol), the 9" will be French vanilla cake with strawberry preserve and the 6" top layer which we will be eating (I don't want to eat 1 year old cake, no thanks!) will be red velvet with cream cheese filling. Delish! So glad Lauren won one from one of the yummy bakers because I remember there were a couple that weren't so great at the bridal show. And when we priced everything out, we're saving about $70 from what we budgeted - how great is that?! I love saving money - more for the honeymoon as Mr. P has come to say!

We decided to do a combo of the designs of two of the all white cakes I've shown. #7 in the cakes shown here and the 2nd here. We're going to add a little splash of color for the bow and the dotted lines that serve as dividers between the layers, though instead of all white because Mr. P thinks that'd be too boring. I think what we came up with is going to look gorgeous. Now all I have to do is call them and actually book the thing!


My Dream Ring said...

Sounds so YUMMY! And that was so sweet of your friend! Bridal shows are such a great idea, I won a $300GC from a videographer and an engagement session yesterday!!

LauraAnn said...

Your cake sounds so incredibly yummy! I love red velvet and of course you can't go wrong with chocolate! Congrats on coming in under budget as well.....makes that cake taste even better!

Jen said...

YUM...You know I'll be trying all three!

May 16th, you are too far away...*sigh* lol

sony said...

Mmmmm, yummo!

You've been tagged:) Check my blog for details!

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Krista said...

Yum ... those are making me want cake. As in now, for breakfast!

Caitlin said...

I can't wait for my cake tasting! - even though we are dead set on red velvet I refuse to go through the whole wedding planning thing without getting some delicious cake! P.S. I noticed your lovey has a UT fleece on- GO VOLS!

Hannah Noel said...

Wow--- those cakes look amazing!!


so glad your tasting went great!! how funny that i just posted some of your floral inspiration pics!