Wednesday, January 14, 2009

#32: Tigerlily Love Affair

Ahh! I'm in LOVE!
I've been wondering how to do my hair for my day and love, love hair pieces. Isn't the one above perfecto?! I don't think a big hair piece will look right with my dress, though and not to mention Mr. P isn't a fan (he needs my gentle push to be fashion forward!) I may use a little something like crystals on a clip/comb. Tigerlily has caught my eye, though even if I won't have anything this extravagant in my hair at my wedding.

Looove the birdcage and feather together

Photo's Source: Tigerlily


Once A Bride said...

ahhh. the peacock birdcage(love)...hmm.yes, sometimes men are a little hesitant about fashion...the headband toward the bottom is really pretty, too

Adrienne said...

Love love love the birdcage!!!

Hannah Noel said...

I used to want a birdcage soo bad-- but then I actually tried one on and hated the way it looked on me! But I still appreciate how beautiful they look on others!

I'm going way opposite now with a cathedral veil!! lol