Saturday, January 31, 2009

Semi Homemade Slideshow

I said I'd be talking about DIY projects soon...well, this is like a semi DIY project I'll need to be working on over the next two weeks. My co-worker/friend is big into filming and editing and asked if he could make a slideshow for us AND film the wedding. Free videographer, woo! Seriously, how nice of him to offer? It's great having wonderful, giving people around you when planning such an important day, isn't it? Sooo, the semi DIY project for ME is gathering all the photos to be in this slideshow and oh-em-gee is this going to be more work than I thought!

I finally went upstairs to our loft to use the scanner for photos that are prints only (because we lost a ton of digital photos from my first laptop crashing and then Mr. P's laptop getting stolen when our last apartment got broken into exactly a year ago - ugh.) Even bigger 'ugh' is that Mr. P said it's super easy to use the scanner (which is a printer and copier also,) but I must not be doing something right because it's not scanning! Ugh.

Don't you hate when you're actually finally motivated to get something done, but then something gets in your way and prevents you from doing it?? Annoying. Oh well, I'll have to wait till Mr. P gets home.

The plan for the slideshow is to show photos of Mr. P and me throughout childhood and together. We're including family in the photos and only friends who are invited to the wedding, which I think is how it should be...I told my mom, who is helping with older photos, no ex-boyfriends! lol

When you get to the 25th floor of the hotel (where the reception room is) you walk down a corridor for a while and then there is a small wall in front of you and you need to go left or right to enter the room. Since everyone will see that wall before they enter the reception, we thought this would be a great place to showcase the slideshow. We didn't want it to be a big event or anything actually during the reception, so this was a nice way to incorporate it as something kind of subtle, but to where everyone was sure to see it.

Some of the types of photos we'll be showcasing...

With our 'kids' Tyson and Kobi
With my cousin just recently over the holidays at Disney...she's getting married in August and our fiance's were riding Aerosmith's rollercoaster, so we improvised lol
One of my favorite pics of Mr. P and our ceremony site showing my mom and MOH the space for the first time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Preview Post

I've been trying to find time to post about a whole bunch of things, but can't seem to find it. So I figured I at least needed to do a quick preview post. Here's what's to come over the next week/two weeks...
Honeymoon plans:

Save-the-Dates (long over due):
No image preview otherwise it'd be a total giveaway!

Planned DIY projects:

And last, but not least: COMPLETE overhaul of wedding style/theme/decor! OMG. I can't wait for this one! But I definitely need more time than right now to spill all the beans. And trust me, there's definitely reason behind the madness!

So this is the preview; hopefully I've left you wanting to know more! I promise to try to tackle all these topics and more very, very soon.

Monday, January 26, 2009

#40: Sweet Talkin' Cakes

One of my bridesmaids found this absolutely hilarious blog post and suggested this should be a cake at my bachelorette party:

Oolala, don't you just looove the polar bear skin rug?? lol The post is a dialog of what the guy on the cake is telling you and there are more pics. The dialog for this pic reads:

"Check it. I've got a spiky polar-bear-skin rug for us to lounge on, and some suh-weet champagne glasses the size of water coolers. I even put on my navy blue tighty-whities, 'cuz I know how much you dig those."


Check out the rest of the post here from this funny blog called Cake Wrecks. It's tagline is "When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong". Super funny.

P.S. Last numbered post!

Friday, January 23, 2009

#39: Great Way to Start the Weekend!


OMG, so exciting :) This was my first review ever in the business world because I was only at my last job for 4 months (long story.) I've been with my company for a year and 2 weeks now and just had my annual review today.

These are just tough times for everyone and I've seen that all around me from other blogger's losing their jobs, to my fiance losing business from clients due to hiring freezes (he's a recruiter), my dad losing his bread & butter accounts, my best friend not getting a title or financial raise even though she truly deserves it, etc. So that's why I am so grateful and thankful to have this job and even be in the position to receive a raise. Especially with having to pay for the majority of this wedding, it's going to help us out financially so much.

Just had to shout this from the rooftops because I'm super excited and so glad to have had a great first review ever!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

#38: Second Thoughts & Worries - Calm Me Down!

First off, some housekeeping:
Due to learning a little more about Google's way of doing things and how this blog can be found more easily related to each post's specific topics, I'm going to cease numbering my posts (even though it's fun to count!) I'll stop on #40 to make it nice and round...yes, I'm weird like that.
Also, I'm playing around with the style of this blog until I get some graphics created. So don't mind the ups and downs of my temporary decisions lol.

On to the real post:
Why am I thinking about this so much??? ...second guessing my bridesmaid dresses?! It's nervewracking and besides, it's not like I can do anything about it now anyway! I think I just wish I had had more time so the girls could've gone into the store in their city and I could've gotten more opinions about the style, the color, the fit. (Even still, Priscilla of Boston isn't in ALL their cities.)But do you ever see other bloggers post with your color scheme or something similar and then think to yourself, "omg that's gorgeous, should've I decided on something more like that??" I am just having crazy confusion right now on a lot of things...Is my wedding going to look how I really want it to? Is it really representing Mr. P and me as a couple? Is it representing our style and likes? I really really want to say YES! to all of those questions, but a little part of me is worrying that maybe I didn't spend as much time as I should've thinking about the style, color scheme etc that I truly wanted...because truthfully, I did kind of decide a few things just on the fly and then somehow it evolved without me taking some real time to think about it (besides the peacock part.) I mean, this could drive a person crazy! And I'm normally one to just say "oh, whatever" but it's so much harder to do that with your own wedding day!

Well, here is what I think the best course of action is to not have this lingering feeling of doubt and worry follow me throughout the next 4 months of planning (because that would be horrible)...

1) Forget about the bridesmaids' dresses! They're bought and paid for and there's no turning back, so why worry about it?
2) Take some time this weekend to really think about who Mr.P and I are style-wise as a couple
3) Think of ways to portray what I come up with from #2 in the wedding (on the cheap of course!)
4) Make a plan to execute #3

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

#37: Blog Luv

Could I BE a happier blogger right now?! My 1st blog award - how exciting! I'm honored and grateful for the Blog Luv Award. Thank you to sony at Bridal Bliss for thinking of me.

Now it's my turn to tag 10!

Here are the instructions:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs who show great ATTITUDE and/ or GRATITUDE
3. Be sure to link to your nominees in your post
4. Let them know they've received this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received the award.

Monday, January 19, 2009

#36: Cake Tasting Review

I can't believe it took me this long to post about this, but the cake tasting at Cakes By Darcy where my friend won the $150 credit was AWESOME. It was at 12 PM so cake was my lunch hehe, but I'm glad it was good cake! Grade: A+

From left to right, French vanilla, devil's food (chocolate), almond butter, red velvet and carrot cake all topped with butter cream (except the red velvet was topped with cream cheese of course.) Top row of fillings are fruit preserves and the bottom row are caramel, chocolate butter cream, amaretto cream, lemon and fudge.
I know you guys have never seen Mr. P before, so here is his debut!
(Don't mind the scrubbiness or my hair up, ew lol)
My girlfriend Lauren who won the cake and generously let us have it for our wedding
So this is what we decided: 3 tiers, 6", 9" and 12". The 12" bottom layer (aka our first bite during cake cutting) will be chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream filling (my choice! lol), the 9" will be French vanilla cake with strawberry preserve and the 6" top layer which we will be eating (I don't want to eat 1 year old cake, no thanks!) will be red velvet with cream cheese filling. Delish! So glad Lauren won one from one of the yummy bakers because I remember there were a couple that weren't so great at the bridal show. And when we priced everything out, we're saving about $70 from what we budgeted - how great is that?! I love saving money - more for the honeymoon as Mr. P has come to say!

We decided to do a combo of the designs of two of the all white cakes I've shown. #7 in the cakes shown here and the 2nd here. We're going to add a little splash of color for the bow and the dotted lines that serve as dividers between the layers, though instead of all white because Mr. P thinks that'd be too boring. I think what we came up with is going to look gorgeous. Now all I have to do is call them and actually book the thing!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

#35: Immortalize Your Dress

Stephanie London is an artist who attended FIT and owns the company SD London Gown Reflections. With a picture of your dress, she turns it into a work of art. These images will blow your mind; they're beautiful. She's represented by Kleinfeld Bridal, the New York bridal gown boutique we all know from "Say Yes To The Dress" on TLC. She mostly uses acrylics for these paintings, but she'll do drawings as well. They start at $540 for an 8x10. If you have the cash or know another bride who does who would be interested in this, I'd say go for it! It's an incredible keepsake and will immortalize your dress in a gorgeous way.

Friday, January 16, 2009

#34: Milestone Numbers

Do you know what today is???

Yes, the last day before a fabulous 3-day weekend, but that's not what I meant...

It's exactly FOUR months till I walk down the aisle!! Woooo

And, I'd like to acknowledge another number. The number TEN. There are now ten known lovely readers of this blog and I think you're all so great! Thanks for the support, the comments and also your own blogs because I love reading and following your stories as well :)
Ten is perfect because I think you're all a 10! And so do these guys... ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

#33: Let's Talk About Bridesmaid Stuff. Oh...Wait...

I got the cuuutest things at Michael's last night for my BM's and it's kiiilling me not being able to post them because I know there are wandering eyes out there! And I cannot trust that there will be enough self control to not look past a certain point! Yes, I have no faith, I'm sorry girls, but it's true lol

I've been wanting to post some ideas and images on here about things having to do with my girls and every time I go to click "New Post" I say "Oh...wait" in my head. Ahh, driving me crazy!

I've decided to keep a running tally of things like this to post about after the wedding or once they've seen/received whatever it is like I did with my "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" cards.

I'm on a serious budget, so if posting after the wedding will help someone else out there still planning with some inspiration or ideas, that's worth it because I've come across so many blogs that have been helpful in those ways for me. And isn't that the whole point of this online wedding world of a community anyway, to help each other out while going through this crazy wonderful one-in-a-lifetime process??

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

#32: Tigerlily Love Affair

Ahh! I'm in LOVE!
I've been wondering how to do my hair for my day and love, love hair pieces. Isn't the one above perfecto?! I don't think a big hair piece will look right with my dress, though and not to mention Mr. P isn't a fan (he needs my gentle push to be fashion forward!) I may use a little something like crystals on a clip/comb. Tigerlily has caught my eye, though even if I won't have anything this extravagant in my hair at my wedding.

Looove the birdcage and feather together

Photo's Source: Tigerlily

#31: What Are Your Colors?

OK, I've been asked this question a million times and it's so hard for me to say this drawn out answer that is something like, "Well, we don't actually have a color scheme per se...we're doing peacock feathers in the centerpieces and then the girls' dresses are a color in between royal blue and navy, soooo..."

What am I supposed to say, though? I really don't have "colors" that all the wedding is done up in. Anyone else have something similar going on? What do you say to keep it short when explaining?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

#30: Invitations: The Wishing and The Reality

How I would love to be able to invest more money into our invitations to really get the feeling and style of our wedding across to our guests. Unfortunately, budget is not allowing for this because the flowers and centerpieces are MUCH more than I was expecting so invitations are taking the hit.

Jujubee Designs at Etsy have these gorgeous invitation sets (I'd change the purple, though). Isn't this the right way to use an actual feather? I think, yes.


I've decided to not be one of those brides who goes into debt over a one day event and take the high road. I always knew the invitations weren't my highest priority anyway and you know what? I really am content with these WAL-MART (yes, Wal-Mart, I'm not ashamed!) invitations. I think they're simple and cute. They don't give an inclination towards the peacock theme, but I guess that'll be all the more surprise when our guests arrive at the reception.

#29: "You Can Wear It Again"

lol - the infamous last words before the final decision of the bridesmaid dresses are made. This book on Give Simple is only $7.99 and looks like it could really provide a lot of laughs. A cute gag gift for the bridesmaids? hehehe

(On a serious note, check out Give Simple, they have gifts like jewelry, totes etc. on the cheap!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

#28: Just Like Mr. P

I came across this gorgeous shot that made me think of how Mr. P will look on our wedding day. We're going for that casual chic look with him wearing a three-button black suit with a tuxedo shirt unbuttoned, no tie. The guys will look similar in white sateen shirts, unbuttoned as well.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

#27: FREE Cake!!!

I went to the Georgia Bridal Show this past Sunday with a girlfriend of mine. We entered for a ton of freebies. She got a call...a FREE cake! She's not getting married. So, it's MY free cake! Woooo!

The deets: The bakery is Cakes by Darcy. The winning is actually a $150 credit, but they seem to be reasonably priced and we're having a small wedding, so I don't have any ideas of grandeur for our cake anyway. We'll still have to come out of pocket I'm sure, but $150 worth free is NOT bad at all! Cake tasting is scheduled for this Saturday - yummy :)
Of course, some inspiration all from local Atlanta bakeries...

A Cinderella Fairytale Wedding Cake...precious

Non-wedding cakes...

I LOVE this one for a Bridal Shower

Could this grooms cake be any more perfect? Mr. P played football at Tennessee!

Can you tell my style from all these images? lol


Images 1, 5 & 7: Cakes by Darcy

Images 2 & 3: Unforgettable Wedding Cakes

Images 4, 12 &13: Frosted Pumpkin

Images 6, 8 & 9: Baker's Man, Inc.

Image 10: Sweet Carolines Cakes

Image 11: Buttersweet Bakery

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

#26: First Etsy Purchase!

Yay! SO exciting :)

As you may or may not know, I am having a peacock feather theme for the reception. It'll be subtle, just feathers in the centerpieces, bouquets etc. But I wanted something on the invitations or thank you cards or some sort of stationary representing this as well.

Along came sugarskull7 on Etsy...

Isn't she lovely? I think I've decided to plaster her on our simple thank you cards we got at Wal-Mart. (We're so on a budget lol.)

Check out sugarskull7's blog here, where she posts about all her really cool hand-carved stamps from her own sketches.

Friday, January 2, 2009

#25: Partay Citay

I went to Party City's website to look up what they had for New Year's Eve decorations since we had people over our place. And then what happens with wedding always on the mind? Of course I see the "Bachelorette Party" section prominently displayed on the homepage. If you're going for a cute/fun/funny vibe, you have to check their collection out and send along to your MOH.
Everyone gets a huge light-up engagement ring! And they're pink!

Balloons for festivity

Pin the bow tie! lol

Invitations with shaking confetti - so fun!