Friday, December 12, 2008

#20: Blue Explanation

An Atlanta Bride brought up a valid point about my last shoe post that I realized I had not explained at all on here.

I love, love bright royal blue and I started thinking of shoes for me and dresses for my girls in that color, but then one of my bridesmaid's and my mother brought my back down to earth. My dress is a warm tone (a smidge darker than ivory) and I'm trying to express the deep blue in the tip of a peacock feather because they will be in the centerpieces for the reception. Bright royal blue, you're outta there! That's the back story on how bright royal blue went out the window and I realized I needed to tone it down a notch for everything to go together well.

I'm happy about this because when I truly started envisioning the bright royal blue with my dress and other things that've already been picked out, it was not a pretty picture in my head. These deeper tones and hues are going to look much, much better and that is the reason I posted those colors of shoes and just a few minutes ago those colors of dresses.

OK, now everything is out in the open! ;)

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I like the new direction you're going in with the softer blue. And incorporating peacock feathers into the centerpieces...and pulling in the right color blue...loving it :)