Friday, December 12, 2008

#19: The Final Two Showdown

I've been looking and looking for bridesmaids dresses that are the color I want AND the price I want! (Deep blue, but not quite navy and under $200.) I found the most fabulous dress at this tiny boutique next to my office. I can't even link to them because they don't have a website, that's how small they are! Problem is that the dress was pure silk, inside and out, at $350 each. I was bummed. But then I went back and asked if we could change the fabric to lessen the cost. They could, to poly-satin, it went down to $225. Okkkaayyy, not horrible, but then I figured in 8% tax and I was bummed again.

Ugh! Would I ever find a dress in this special color AND within my young BM's price ranges??


Here are the two finalists:
Priscilla of Boston: Style #1308 in CALYPSO

David's Bridal: Style #81255 in MARINE

(Remember monitors vary)

Obviously the Priscilla dress is more expensive, but surprisingly it's just within the budget cap WITH tax. I have seen this dress and it's color in person on one of my BM's. I've seen the DB dress in a green color and tried it on myself. I'm going this weekend to DB to see the color. Cross your fingers for me! (It's cheaper! lol.)

The Priscilla dress has a bow in the back which you can see in the video on the site. And the DB dress' bow can be moved to the back if the girls like it better like that.

Which do you like better?

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Sooo hard to choose! If you want a sleak, modern look, go with #1. If you want more of a girly, whimsical look, be all about #2. Either is beautiful! Love the color. Can't wait to see what you decide :)