Tuesday, December 9, 2008

#17: Kids' Stuff for Bridesmaids? Oh yes.

I've never talked about what I do for a living, but I must now to explain how I even found what I'm about to show you...

I work in email marketing. The Home Depot is my only client and my team creates and sends out their promotional emails. (Same thing as receiving emails from any other retailer...J.Crew, Victoria's Secret, etc.)
So I get many, many emails from competitors for work purposes. But my weakness are the Crate & Barrel emails. Oh how cute their stuff is! Well, if you didn't know, their kids' company is The Land of Nod. I got the cutest email from C&B about Christmas stuff for kids promoting LON.

Okay, enough back story...I found these fabu "storage" items I think some of you creative peeps out there could convert into packaging for gifts for your BM's! Check out the cuteness:


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