Thursday, November 20, 2008

#7: Shoot Me. No, Really.

Pun intended. My #1 To-Do right now is to get a photographer. I thought I had two options...Kike Morales' other photographer Juan David and Edward Zeltser. Kike booked Juan David. UGH! I've met with SO many photographers and looked at SO many online...this is getting to be frustrating to say the least. BUT Edward definitely is my style and we're meeting Sunday evening. Cross your fingers for me that he'll be fabulous and we click. My planner found one more option, but I'm not 100% sure. Her name is Pamela and works with Marcus Krause. The package she offered was not stellar and I'm not even asking for much.

This is what I'm looking for:
7-8 hours of coverage
2 photographers
CD/DVD of all images in hi-res and retouched
Online hosting for purchasing
I do not think this is a lot! The hardest part is the two photographers, but Edward offers that! It's an assistant, but I don't long as someone is there to capture certain important moments from completely different angles. I'm hooked on this idea.
Here's why:

Jenius Food & Photography
Wedding Bee Blog: Mrs. Espresso

Note, these photos are not from the same wedding, but nevertheless, you'd never be able to get BOTH of those shots with only one photographer. Most only get the bride walking down the aisle with her dad. Of course that is an important shot, but I really want to capture Mr. P's expression when he first sees me. I think it will be classic. It's a must-have shot for me. Having two photographers allows for capturing the same moment in two completely different ways. What do you think? Am I being stubborn here??


An Atlanta Bride said...
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An Atlanta Bride said...

Thanks for your comment about my shoe dilemma. I'm certain that the search will continue because I don't really like any of those shoes : /

Now, advice for you: Don't forget to also ask for an engagement session to be included in your package!

Raquel said...

I totally agree, and you're not being stubborn at all - gotta have two photographers!! We haven't booked ours yet (we're still deciding between a few) but having two people there on the actual day was my only "must" requirement.