Thursday, November 13, 2008

#2: The Past

So to give you an idea of how things have happened so far...

We got engaged in March '08 and because we were broke, didn't start planning until late August when we made a budget, picked the ceremony location and set the date.

Our original plan (again, because we were broke) was to have the ceremony at the proposal site (yes, cheesy, but who cares, it's a gorgeous park!) and have the reception at my fiance's dad's new house. It's not a huge place, but it's pretty out back next with a lake & fountain next to it and the overall theme would be very cozy and garden-like.

I LOVE LOVE Style Me Pretty's Inspiration Boards because, well, they're inspiring! So I made one of my own:

Things have changed dramatically since August...

Even though I was very content with the direction we were moving in, my parents knew a "backyard wedding" wasn't my dream wedding (and it was starting to pose some unexpected problems). So, they really dug into their pockets and we were able to get the reception at the Marriott Renaissance on the 25th floor in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows! It's gorgeous...but not so garden-like anymore.

I felt my beautiful Inspiration Board was not what I was looking for anymore. I still love the green apple/paper lantern style, but not for my wedding. I have new ideas! I feel a NEW Inspiration Board coming on soon...

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