Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#1: Introducing...

Hello everyone!

This is my first post ever - I am completely new to blogging! Wooo.

Purpose: I am planning my wedding essentially by myself (with a little help from a wedding planner to keep me on track.) I'm online every single day looking at a million things having to do with weddings and I'm all over the place! I've come across many wedding blogs, some good, some bad, some definitely ugly. I'm totally inspired and love the idea of doing this to keep my head straight and also find the fabulous things I find out there for other people. And I definitely find myself with no one to blab to about all the cute, creative or stupid little things that I come across! (And truly only other crazy bride-to-be's can sometimes understand!!) So, this is my place to imagine, share, dream, vent, and hopefully inspire about all things wedding.

Blog's Namesake: "Dot the i" is actually my favorite movie. It's a 2005 Spanish/English film. The movie's namesake is from this picture perfect line during a scene with two of the main characters: "A kiss is the 'dot the i' on the word 'love'" Isn't that absolutely true?!

Details You Were Bound to Find Out Sooner or Later:
Name - Kiana
Age - 23
City - Atlanta
Wedding - May '09

What's Been Done So Far: We've booked the ceremony location, reception location, the officiant and I've bought my dress, veil and the save the date's (which should be arriving in the mail today!) I'll write more on each of these later.

Welcome to my new online home (and obsession).

Come in, sit down, kick your feet up, stay a while.

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JessNthecity said...

So you DID get the veil......yesssssss!!!!!!!