Saturday, November 29, 2008

#11: 6-12 Months (or 5.5, whatever)

There are so many timeline checklists out there, it's hard to tell which one is right for me. Should I go by the one that starts at 12+ months or 8-12 months or 6-12??

The timeline I've found that best suits me is the one that starts at 6-12 months before.
WHY? Mr. P and I got engaged March 21, 2008. We went through some big ups and downs in the following months, so we weren't ready to start, we were broke! So we didn't start to actually put a budget together and set a date till end of August, about 5 months later! The 6-12 months before timeline seemed to suit us best because that's truly the point we were at when we starting the planning process.

Here's the 6-12 months before timeline that I've started to follow:
-Set a date and time for the wedding
-Determine the size and degree of formality of your wedding
-Discuss expenses with all concerned and make preliminary budget
-Interview and hire a wedding consultant if you plan to use one
-Make a guest list and begin compiling addresses
-Reserve the site for the wedding.
-Retain the officiant to perform the ceremony
-Select bridal attendants and inform them of all pertinent dates
-Plan the reception. Book the location and begin to research and select wedding professionals such as the florist, caterer, cake baker and musicians
-Research and select a photographer and videographer
-Shop for wedding gown and accessories and bridesmaid dresses
-Consult with groom on men's wedding attire
-Have invitations and personal stationary designed and printed
-Begin planning honeymoon
-Call to schedule dance lessons
-Decide on hair style and show your stylist ideas
-Shop for wedding rings

We're 5.5 months away from the big day and the only items not checked off on this list are booking the cake baker, finalizing bridesmaid dresses, hair style decision and shopping for wedding rings.

Cake Baker - Publix only needs a couple months beforehand, so this makes that point mute.
Bridesmaid Dresses - ALMOST done with this, but it's hard for me to commit. (More on this in a later post).
Hair Style - 6 months before?? Am I the only one who thinks this is a little early for a must do?
Wedding Rings - We're melting down some old jewelry from Mr. P's mom and he custom-designed the engagement ring, so he's familiar with the process and is pretty confident that 6 months is too early. (I'm trying to push him, though).

Think I'm off track at all? What are your timelines like? Right on track? All over the place? Totally behind?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

#10: Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  After being stuffed with turkey, I thought of a wedding correlation to Turkey Day. Turkey - the country! I love other cultures and countries. Their wedding rituals and attire are so different than the States. It can be inspiring. So even though it's just a word correlation, some Turkish wedding images for you...Designer: Muhterem Cen
Turkey's President's daughter weds in 2007.

Monday, November 24, 2008

#9: Accomplished

We got SO much wedding stuff accomplished this weekend!

1. First Florist Meeting - went really well and I think we're on the right track with style AND budget
2. Registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond (took 4 hours!)
3. Met with photographer, Edward Zeltser, loved him and booked him on the spot!

YAY, my photographer woes are OVER. Edward is perfect for our wedding and actually came in UNDER budget. When does that ever happen??!

He is originally from Russia and has a photojounalism background working for magazines and newspapers there. He brought that style to his work when he started doing weddings in the U.S. without overworking the images in post-production. I was lucky to find him because he doesn't advertise and mostly does weddings by referral. I have a feeling I will definitely be referring him.

Here's what we got:
Edward + 1 assistant photographer
7-8 hoursOnline hosting
CD of all images in hi-res
TOTAL: $1,500 for 7 hours OR $1,620 for 8 hours

I'm left inspired by photographer images I love...

Bella Pictures - Atlanta

Saturday, November 22, 2008

#8: Vintage Glam

I've been on a heavy vintage/victorian queen kick lately. So you can imagine how happy I was to find this oh so fab blog: Vintage Glam.

It has everything vintage for weddings and DIY projects so your expenses don't sky rocket while achieving this sophisticated look.

My inspiration today...

Leah C. Couture Millinery

Thursday, November 20, 2008

#7: Shoot Me. No, Really.

Pun intended. My #1 To-Do right now is to get a photographer. I thought I had two options...Kike Morales' other photographer Juan David and Edward Zeltser. Kike booked Juan David. UGH! I've met with SO many photographers and looked at SO many online...this is getting to be frustrating to say the least. BUT Edward definitely is my style and we're meeting Sunday evening. Cross your fingers for me that he'll be fabulous and we click. My planner found one more option, but I'm not 100% sure. Her name is Pamela and works with Marcus Krause. The package she offered was not stellar and I'm not even asking for much.

This is what I'm looking for:
7-8 hours of coverage
2 photographers
CD/DVD of all images in hi-res and retouched
Online hosting for purchasing
I do not think this is a lot! The hardest part is the two photographers, but Edward offers that! It's an assistant, but I don't long as someone is there to capture certain important moments from completely different angles. I'm hooked on this idea.
Here's why:

Jenius Food & Photography
Wedding Bee Blog: Mrs. Espresso

Note, these photos are not from the same wedding, but nevertheless, you'd never be able to get BOTH of those shots with only one photographer. Most only get the bride walking down the aisle with her dad. Of course that is an important shot, but I really want to capture Mr. P's expression when he first sees me. I think it will be classic. It's a must-have shot for me. Having two photographers allows for capturing the same moment in two completely different ways. What do you think? Am I being stubborn here??

Monday, November 17, 2008

#6: Ceremony Site

No decorations needed. Just four ferns on four posts.

#5: DIY "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Cards

Since I've done a few things before starting this blog, I want to get caught up with posting about those things and that includes my DIY cards I made my girls to ask them to be my bridesmaids.

I went to a discount scrapbook store in Marietta, GA and hit the jackpot! A discount scrapbook store is one where all items are heavily discounted from normal prices because they do not know if they will restock the items or they are leftovers from other stores.

I already had scrapbook tape, so I found 12x12 paper, letter size cardstock, ribbon, die-cuts, and stick-on embellishments all for under $10!

I made each one a little different...

I found the perfect saying and wrote it in all the cards:

The day, the dress
The bride, the groom
The joy, the tears
Will all come soon

Professing true love
To my husband-to-be
With family and friends
All watching me

I hope the sun will
Be shining down
Keep your fingers crossed
That I'll fit my gown

But there's one more thing
That there needs to be
And that's to have you
Standing with me!

#4: Minimum Cheese

So we met with the DJ for the first time last night. Aaannddd...I love him! I've having such a hard time with photographers that it was a big relief to really like another vendor. We're planning a unique vibe for our assigned seating, only 4, 8 person rounds, a few 4 person squares, high boys and plush chairs and loveseats. It's going to be a "cocktail hour" inspired reception and we want the music to reflect that as well. No YMCA, no conga lines, no electric slide. Minimum cheese.

I'm still having a hard time choosing what song I should walk down the aisle to, though. I'm not a "traditional" bride, yet still want something beautiful.

I found this great list: Top Wedding Songs. It has traditional and funky suggestions for all points in the wedding...the ceremony, the first dance, the garter toss, the cake cutting, etc. etc. Great compliation. Check it out.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

#3: Let There Be Cake!

So I literally JUST posted about Style Me Pretty Inspiration Boards. They just had a Little Black Dress IB contest and voting ends today! Go vote!

On another note...I found this cake in one of those boards.

Isn't it FABULOUS??

If I were having an autumn wedding, this would be the cake...well, probably not because I probably couldn't afford it ha.
But my wedding planner kind of detered me from having a "topsy turvy" cake as I call them because she says they're more expensive (more work for the baker) and also harder to cut.

Here is a cake that I am really leaning towards. What do you think?

#2: The Past

So to give you an idea of how things have happened so far...

We got engaged in March '08 and because we were broke, didn't start planning until late August when we made a budget, picked the ceremony location and set the date.

Our original plan (again, because we were broke) was to have the ceremony at the proposal site (yes, cheesy, but who cares, it's a gorgeous park!) and have the reception at my fiance's dad's new house. It's not a huge place, but it's pretty out back next with a lake & fountain next to it and the overall theme would be very cozy and garden-like.

I LOVE LOVE Style Me Pretty's Inspiration Boards because, well, they're inspiring! So I made one of my own:

Things have changed dramatically since August...

Even though I was very content with the direction we were moving in, my parents knew a "backyard wedding" wasn't my dream wedding (and it was starting to pose some unexpected problems). So, they really dug into their pockets and we were able to get the reception at the Marriott Renaissance on the 25th floor in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows! It's gorgeous...but not so garden-like anymore.

I felt my beautiful Inspiration Board was not what I was looking for anymore. I still love the green apple/paper lantern style, but not for my wedding. I have new ideas! I feel a NEW Inspiration Board coming on soon...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#1: Introducing...

Hello everyone!

This is my first post ever - I am completely new to blogging! Wooo.

Purpose: I am planning my wedding essentially by myself (with a little help from a wedding planner to keep me on track.) I'm online every single day looking at a million things having to do with weddings and I'm all over the place! I've come across many wedding blogs, some good, some bad, some definitely ugly. I'm totally inspired and love the idea of doing this to keep my head straight and also find the fabulous things I find out there for other people. And I definitely find myself with no one to blab to about all the cute, creative or stupid little things that I come across! (And truly only other crazy bride-to-be's can sometimes understand!!) So, this is my place to imagine, share, dream, vent, and hopefully inspire about all things wedding.

Blog's Namesake: "Dot the i" is actually my favorite movie. It's a 2005 Spanish/English film. The movie's namesake is from this picture perfect line during a scene with two of the main characters: "A kiss is the 'dot the i' on the word 'love'" Isn't that absolutely true?!

Details You Were Bound to Find Out Sooner or Later:
Name - Kiana
Age - 23
City - Atlanta
Wedding - May '09

What's Been Done So Far: We've booked the ceremony location, reception location, the officiant and I've bought my dress, veil and the save the date's (which should be arriving in the mail today!) I'll write more on each of these later.

Welcome to my new online home (and obsession).

Come in, sit down, kick your feet up, stay a while.